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Godmothers, Henrys on the Beach, CM

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Any comments on either? Both are BYOB which is not my preference but both have been recommended. Does GM have parking? Thanks hounds.

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  1. Godmothers has amazing red sauce, but no parking. Generally you can find something on the street nearby. Definitely make reservations though!

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    1. Happy to hear Godmother's is still there. It's a lovely homestyle Italian resto.
      We haven't made it to that side of CM in ages!

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        Godmother's was packed!! But then again everything in CM was -- never seen the WMall that crowded! Ended up at Altheathea's at the Inn's of CM. Food was decent, outside dining was nice // the ac was on but the inside dining room smells really musty. Would recommend. Want to try Peter Shields.