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Jul 23, 2007 12:51 PM

Brooklyn: Your favorite Italian place... a private party of 20?

It's been some years since I lived in Brooklyn, and so I could use some help! I'm planning my sister's bridal shower for a Sunday in October, and so far what we have decided is this: An Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, about 20-25 people, lunchtime, private or semi-private space, budget $50 per person (and we'll probably not drink any alcohol). We're not particular about neighborhood, though it would be great if there was someplace nearby to keep our guyfriends busy. Oh, yes -- and we'd like some good food too! I've checked the previous message boards, and am interested in some more ideas.

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  1. i'm a big fan of convivium osteria, on 5th ave. the food is excellent and i think they have a cozy downstairs space that would be a nice place for a bridal shower. you can send the fellers around to sheep station on 4th avenuue for burgers and beers and baseball (depending on when in october, of course). it's certainly worth giving them a call.


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        Strong second on convivium osteria. The downstairs area is lovely-- I've seen parties of 12 or so set up down there, though never one as big as 25, but I think they have the space for it. The food is fantastic and the service is very attentive.

      2. Frankie's 457 is nice for a group. Their events are held in a separate loft-type space in the back. Delicious, reasonably priced food.

        1. You didn't mention what part of Brooklyn you were in. You might want to take a look at Garguilio's in Coney Island.. Depending on when in Oct, they might still have baseball at KeySpan Park, which is home to the Mets Brooklyn 'farm' team.and just a few blocks away, as is the original Nathan's Famous.Hot Dogs It would be a nice way for the guys to spend the afternoon. The restaurant serves very good food,the staff is first raate. As a bonus, they have secure valet parking,. For guests coming from NJ/SI/ LI,
          and Manh, it's conveniently located just off the Belt Parkway' sCropsey Ave exit, and they certainly have vast experience in planning/executing any kind of event.

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            You might want to consider a few places in Bay Ridge. We like Tuscany Grill on Third Ave. and 86th St. the best. And they will do a party for about $25 pp. In Park Slope, you may want to try Anthony's, which has pizzas and pastas. They have an outdoor garden space that could be nice. And the place is small enough that you probably could take over the whole restaurant.
            IMHO, Garguilios has gone way downhill. And while Convivium is a nice recommendation, it isnt a purely Italian place. It has very eclectic Mediterrean fare and it may be difficult to really please a large group with the fare they have. I mean, it's great. But you wont find standard crowd pleasing pasta dishes there.

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              Unfortunately I agree about Gargiulo's decline. I used to go in the early 1980s and enjoyed it very much. Last summer I went back with a friend and the meal was an embarassment. The cold antipati ware decent enough but the entrees were awful - bad wedding food from a steam table. Awful stuff that we didn't finish.

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                And for future reference about Gargiulo's.... My mom checked it out on her own and found that their minimum head count was too high for us. And, it seemed like you would not get much for the $55 they charge per person.

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              Coney Island remains interesting throughout the year, but baseball at KeySpan Park ends in early September -- the Cyclones play in the short-season single-A league, whose regular season runs from June to Labor Day (playoffs end by Sept. 15 or so).

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                Ahhh...Thanks.. Not being a fan of the game I really didn't know the length of the A teams season... While I've never had an outstanding meal at Garguilio's I've never had a bad one either II'm sorry to hear you find it to be going downhill. I haven't been there is a while. Lately, when we have been in the mood for traditional fare we have been going to New Corner. I too like several Bay Ridge eateries, but the hassle of parking combined with the ongoing tendancy of some Valet parkers to uhhh...'misplace' parking tickets, has made the experience of dining in BR too much of a hassle

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                  We're definitely considering some Bay Ridge eateries. Are there some that are particularly good or bad about the valet parking? And what happens if they misplace the ticket (just a delay or do they charge you more)?...And where is New Corner?

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                    If you take a look at my original response, I put quotes around the word, misplaced. It was my tactful way of saying some of them toss the tickets. I'm not talking about the Valet's ticket used to identify your car, I'm referring to NYC parking violation tickets. The next thing you know, you get a notice in the mail that you have failed to respond and there is a late payment penalty, Let me stress that this isn't something that happens all the time. It's just annoying (and costly) when it does.
                    You have never been to New Corner?...You should definitly go at least once. It's a Bay Ridge/Dyker Ht's landmark. One of those old style traditional Italian restaurants that has been in business for 60-70 yrs, complete with traditional blackboard daily specials and the best fried zucchin ever! The wait staff is very attentive and as a wonderful bonus, it's one of the very few places where street parking is actually available.. My fellow CH'ers will probably be all over me about this recc, but every time I dine there, all I see are happy people eating, drinking and having a great time and for me that is what it's all about. For the Guys there are a few sports bar places nearby in Bay Ridge, like the Brooklyn Dodger, or Skinflints (Great burgers)
                    Wherever you go, I hope you have a truly excellent time!
                    Here's an informational link


            3. Hands down, Chianti on the corner of 86th and 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge. One of the best Filleto di Pomodoro I've ever had

              1. Tomasso on 86th bet 14th and 15th Ave.

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                  I think Tommasso's is over priced and has small portions but their wine list is excellent.