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Jul 23, 2007 12:40 PM

Ixora Closed

Ixora, a great little French/Japanese restaurant in Whitehouse Station (Hunterdon County) has closed. As noted in the following link, Ixora received critical claim and had a devoted following but may have suffered from its location in a rather non-descript strip mall.

I drove by this morning and there's a sign up for 'Jan's Chinese Gourmet'. I hope the food is better than the name!

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  1. Oh noooo!!! That was one of those places we never got around to trying but always meant to. (Hmmm, I guess maybe it's people like us who were part of the problem...)

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    1. re: flourgirl

      And if you never went to Lila in Frenchtown, you're also part of the problem! It's closed too.

      1. re: ambrose

        Nope, never ate at Lila's. (Did eat in the Ratskellar...once...a very long time ago.) It seems like the folks in Frenchtown are pretty upset about the closing too - it was a favorite hangput for locals - the closing was apparently very abrupt and "the absentee owners" haven't made many friends over this.

        We do eat fairly often in the grill room in the Frenchtown Inn and love it.

        There's only so many dining out dollars available in our household and we just can't support every restaurant out there.

    2. Do not go to Jan's.
      It is HORRIBLE!!
      Some of the worst Chinese food I have ever eaten.
      Ixora was so much better there is no comparison

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      1. re: wetsons

        I haven't been to Jan's myself but a fellow whose palate I trust a good deal agrees with Wetsons comment above, He added that Jan's is not only awful but overpriced. I was sad to see Ixora go but they were headed downhill for some time before they finally closed up shop. We used to go there every other week and were consistently blown away by the salt and pepper calamari appetizer-- little spirals of calamari with specks of garlic and Jalapeno. Unfortunately, toward the end, the calamari started tasting like rubber, and the Jalapeno bits that were once carefully stripped of their inner spines and seeds so they were more flavorful than fiery seem haphazardly strewn on the dish whole. Sic transit gloria mundi :::sigh:::

        1. re: wetsons

          Agree wholeheartedly with Wetsons comments.