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Jul 23, 2007 12:36 PM

Maiz Berkeley Salvadoran

Thumbs up for decor, friendliness and reliable food. The papusas were tasty, although the curtido was as weak as Platano and Kaliente's. Chicken taco plate was presented on very attractive dishware. My friend really enjoyed her meal. El Tazumel in San Pablo rules when it comes to papusas and curtido, but lacks any atmosphere (at one time a Burger King) I hope Maiz makes it. Try it.

Maiz (corner of San Pablo Ave. at Allston Berkely)

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  1. I'll second Bunnysitter's recommendation and hope. We took out two pupusas, a bistec salvadoreno, and plantains. We couldn't face being the only people eating there, though I realize we reinforced the problem. We had tons of food for two of us, all quite good, with lovely thick tortillas. I'd love to see a Salvadorean restaurant survive in my area--they're in a difficult location because they're between the commercial clusters around University and around Dwight.

    1. Thanks for the update. It sounds like they may be getting over opening glitches.

      El Tazumel has a second location near Pup Hut on San Pablo. It isn't amazing decor ... the standard mom and pop Latino restaurant type of thing, but it is a little nicer than the other location

      Previous Maiz report:

      2200 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

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        We tried to go last Friday night, but arrived to find that they were closed!

        There was a sign in the window that seemed to indicate there had been an incident that necessitated some repairs before they could reopen. No specifics, or I was hungry enough to move on before fully reading the sign.

      2. Was driving by today and noticed they have an alll-you-can-eat and drink Salvadoran and Mexican buffet Wed-Fri from 12-3 ($10.99)

        Anyone tried it?

        They also had a sign applying for a liquor license.

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          I stopped in for lunch today. There were about a dozen choices, none of which appear on the menu (except for the plantanos). From memory:

          - Spinach quesadilla
          - Fried plantanos and something else fried in the same bin. The plantanos
          seemed to have tamarind seasoning.
          - Menudo
          - Chorizo and potato stir-fry
          - Chili verde--kind of thin but tasty
          - A thick, hearty chicken stew
          - Rice, beans
          - Vegetable stir-fry
          - Broiled chicken
          - Tamales--I couldn't tell what they were stuffed with other than potato.

          No pupusas, unfortunately. For drinks they offered tamarindo and orchata. In all, the food was tasty but kind of undistinguished, and I think that $11 is a little steep unless you plan to eat a lot. Worth checking out once, though.

          1. re: ernie in berkeley

            Thanks for the report. I was thinking that was a high price for lunch, Might be better if it was offered at dinner time.

        2. I just went there yesterday evening and had delicious pupusas, although they were a little on the small side. Sometimes restaurants prepare them with a thin line of grease...not Maiz. They had great flavor, a lighter texture and the filling ratio was perfect. But, you MUST try the pork Salvadoran enchiladas...the flavor was exquisite: spicy, rich and paired perfectly with the salad mix and sour cream dollop. Staff was very friendly too!

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          1. re: Gdawg

            How was the curtido? I was really impressed by the pupusas, but the curtido was the worst ever.