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Jul 23, 2007 12:22 PM

Wine Cellar Software Recommendations?

Anyone using a wine cellar inventory program that they like and would recommend? If possible please elaborate on how long you've used it... pros and cons.

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  1. you can try It has a huge inventory of wines that are in the database. Pretty easy to input and it prints out to an excel sheet if you want to tack it onto your wall or something.

    I think its the most popular internet software tracker.

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    1. re: clayfu

      I use It is easy to use (once you have entered your cellar that is, if you have to enter 500 bottles like I did it takes some time) and update. I've been very pleased with it.

      1. re: dinwiddie

        ditto on cellartracker. not the prettiest site to look at but it is incredibly well thought out from en end-user perspective. and it's free.

        1. re: domaine547

          I have to agree. I have been using for about 3 months and I really like it.

    2. All the basic functions required of a wine inventory program :

      a) sort by any meaningful criteria ( producer, year, type, bin location, ratings ...)
      b) keep track of units purchased / in inventory and corresponding $ values

      are easily available by using an excel spreadsheet.

      I never felt the need for any additional software tools.

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      1. re: RicRios

        CellarTracker is nice because you can leverage the information that other people have entered, to track your own bottles, and download the whole mess into Excel for free.

      2. I have used a program, Multi-media Wine Companion for a dozen years now, and it still works fine. I do not know if it's still offered, as this was a Win 3.1.1 offering. I had built a database in Approach, some years before, but this little program won my heart. Now, if I only had a CAT-6 outlet in the cellar, or maybe even a barcode printer and scanner! Yeah, that would be the ticket. Next house/cellar, that I build will have it all. Logging the wines in, then out, is the biggest problem, but for tracking the cellar, this program does it nicely for me. I do find that their default "drink by" dates are a bit short, but then they're covering all bases.


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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          "or maybe even a barcode printer and scanner! Yeah, that would be the ticket."

          Not too sure about this one, Bill.
          My bread & butter is in AIDC (Automatic Identification & Data Capture).
          Unless you're talking of a commercial operation with in&out quantities of at least a few hundreds per day, an AIDC interface won't make much sense.

        2. Seems like a lot of people like CellarTracker. I'll have to take another look at it.

          Has anyone used the managment program offered by Vinfolio? I've been looking at it and it seems pretty slick. Seems to have a much better user interface than what I remember when looking at CellarTracker, but not sure yet how the 2 compare regarding practical usage.

          Like many, I've mainly used Excel for my cellar and it works fine. Im just looking for more bells and whistles... ie. tasting notes, maturity info, valuation, remote access from the internet, etc.

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          1. re: WineTravel

            I used cellartracker as well and find it incredibly useful. What helps me the most is the review from others to know what stage the wine is in.

            1. re: WineTravel

              > Like many, I've mainly used Excel for my cellar and it works fine. Im just looking for more bells and whistles... ie. tasting notes, maturity info, valuation, remote access from the internet, etc.

              You just described the primary reasons to use CellarTracker. A large community of other users (network effect, whereby the existing users preferentially attract new users, just like selling things on eBay), and well-thought-out tools for exporting the information to Excel, comparing tasting notes with others (ignore the point ratings, though), and obtaining at least a ballpark guesstimate of when to drink a bottle.

              Especially since I began tracking down wines made from unusual or obscure grapes, it has been quite useful to peek at the impressions of other CellarTracker users regarding the flavors and fragrances of various producers' efforts. They don't always jive with my own impressions, but they often provide a starting point, and after a while you may start to find that certain users have tastes very much like your own. (It would be nice if the site could automatically highlight notes from users whom you designate as having similar tastes to your own.)

              At the end of the day, the free services on CellarTracker are excellent, and you can pay for premium services, or simply to support the site, if you deem it useful. If not, you haven't wasted any money on something which turned out not to your liking.

              1. re: WineTravel

                not enough wines on vinfolio, but their program does look very sexy

              2. Cellar Tracker!

                Biggest problem with wine inventorys (and I have used in past paper/books/spreadsheets & home written databases) is entering the wine details in a structured way.

                CellarTracker probably has all the wines you have entered already (they have over 5 million bottles logged) and you just use an existing definition. I loaded 300 wines and there were just 3 wines that I had to enter anew.

                Biggest drawback with CellarTracker is that its depths and strengths are not immediately apparent, you need to enter a few bottles then ask yourself "I wonder if it'll do ....." and it probably will do. There is an active forum when you get stuck, and the owner will respond swiftly to any problems.

                I personally like the in depth reporting, others like sharing tasting notes, teh valuation of wines and the drinkability reports.

                I have only about 300 bottles but some have thousands. There's some professional users too -- thePluckemin Inn uses it and lets people see their winelist in real time, pulled off CellarTracker see

                And you can download your entries to Excel for backup and manipulation

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                1. re: Gussie Finknottle

                  I like WordPerfect. Can include and sort by any data.

                  I never saw any real advantage in knowing what others thought my wine tasted like.

                  1. re: FrankJBN

                    Thanks, Frank, now I know I'm not alone!