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Jul 23, 2007 12:15 PM

PDX - Place for drinks downtown?

I'm going to be in town for OBF on Friday and need a place to meet someone for drinks and snacks in the afternoon.

Preferably walking distance from the Festival, but not *too* close.


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  1. Try the Lotus - classic old Portland bar with decent food for snacking? Looking for more upscale food? Try Southpark or Saucebox...

    1. Clyde Common just opened for lunch and happy hour. I don't really drink, but friends I trust say the drinks there are good. I've only tried the Cacao and if it didn't have alcohol, it would have been great. ;-) But they have a lot of really good snacky items during happy hour. I think they're all about two bucks. It's at SW 10th & Stark. Menu is here:

      Higgins has a nice charcuterie plate plus some other good shareable items in the bar. Not sure if they close between lunch and dinner.