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Jul 23, 2007 12:03 PM

Dining on Martha's Vineyard with Kids? [Moved from Boston board]

Hi - we are going to Martha's Vineyard for 3 nights with my parents and our two children (4 and almost 2). Any suggestions for some good restaurants for dinner that a kid friendly? We will be staying in Edgartown but will have a car and can travel. A couple of the people in our party are not seafood eaters.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Edgartown is very kid-friendly. I am assuming you will be going out to dinner fairly early based on the kids' ages. Do keep in mind, places get very crowded this time of year and based on my own experiences traveling and dining with my kids and my parents, stress can kick in quickly when someone on either end of the age spectrum gets impatient or cranky. A couple of places you might enjoy in Edgartown that work for the family dynamics you describe might include The Wharf (new owners about 2 years ago have improved things but it is not on the level of Atria- none the less, easy, good food with lots of options for the kids) and Lattanzi's pizza. (Cooked in a traditional oven and quite good even if you do not usually go for pizza.) Others might include The Newes for pub food or David Ryan's but these places get really packed as the evening goes along and the food is not anything you'll want to write home about. If you go to Oak Bluffs for the carousel, go to Offshore Ale or even Sharkey's for Mexican. Although most year round islanders have a really strong opinion about The Black Dog, especially those t-shirts, visitors always want to go, and their space on the water in Vineyard Haven is very pretty, especially if you snag a table overlooking the water. They are very kid friendly and while you wait for your meal, the kids can dig in the sand and watch the boats. (Note that Vineyard Haven is BYOB.) It will keep all three generations happy, I would imagine. If you have good weather, do consider taking a picnic out to the beach. There are several places in Edgartown who can pack up an elegant feast for you all and include emergency PB and Js for the little ones. If you do a search here, you'll see all kinds of reviews and comments about other places on the Vineyard for seafood lovers, late night spots and more. Have fun.

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      I was going to second David Ryan's - upstairs is great for families and yes it fills up fast so I would make a reservation - they have great burgers, salads and sandwiches for the non meat eaters in your group. I also enjoy the Square Rigger in Edgartown (well just outside of it at the triangle on the way to Oak Bluff/Vineyard Haven) - they have prime rib on Friday nights as well as great old school seafood. They also fill up quickly

    2. Hi again. I happen to be on the Vineyard at the moment (eating LOTS of fish) but did notice that an old stand by in Edgartown is advertising a kids' menu this year. The place is called Espresso Love- they are located behind the movie theatre near Latanzi's. They have a gorgeous outdoor dining area where I had a really good meal about 6 years ago with a different chef. While they are known for their famous baked goods and breakfast muffins (one of my girls worked there a few summers ago), Carol, the owner, has been doing a great job attracting people looking for a good dinner outdoors. I can't say I have been there this summer, but they are advertising that kids menu in addition to the regular fare and it might be worth checking out.