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Market - Stamford, CT

Does anyone know when this place is going to open?

Match's website says "Summer 2007". It looks like just in the last month they've finally started doing some work in there....

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  1. Stamford needs as much new blood as it can get. Hopefully this new spot will debut soon.

    1. Stamford has a health dept. that is really, really tough on new restaurants. They make it extremely hard to build, let alone open one. Also some building dept. issues there too. Hopefully these guys will be able to get going now.

      1. They don't have an exact date but they're hoping in about 2 weeks.

        1. I heard they are having a soft opening this Sunday. I got a sneak peek at the menu. Looks interesting. It's kind of all over the place, but if Matt Storch is behind it, it must be good.

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            I tried to go for lunch on Saturday- I thought I had seen it open. The place was dark, but looks nice- simple tables, black floor, a little more stark than Match. The man inside ignored me as I peered in, and there were no hours listed on the door... I thought I was mistaken and maybe they hadn't officially opened yet. I started to walk off and the man stepped outside to do something. I asked when they opened. He said curtly, "Five." Anybody been?

          2. Market is open now. Sunday's NYTimes gave it a "very good" review:


            I'm eager to check it out!

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              Finally made it to Market last night. Atmosphere was nice, waitstaff personable and a decent wine list.

              Food was very good. But - these are NY prices, VERY VERY small portions, even by 'high end' NY standards. $40 entrees should not be plated in appetizer format.

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                Whadja get? I found that a small-looking dish (duck) was actually pretty filling. The cannelloni and scallops looked a bit larger than the duck, so I was thinking they'd also be filling. I'm not TOO eager to go back and drop 100 bucks, so maybe I'll bring a bird-like-eating friend rather than a steak-eating husband.

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                  Went to Market with my fiance and another couple. The atmosphere was lively and the food was good. I will absolutely reccomend scallops and vermont duck. The calamari pasta and sea bass were both good. The place was busy but not a long wait. BUT WE WERE RUSHED IN AND OUT!!! When I told the waiter that we wanted to take out time and order appetizers and drinks he responded- "no you better not, you dont want to confuse the chef, he likes tables to order all at once." GIVE ME A BREAK! For this reason alone I would contemplate not returning...AND THE BREAD WAS ROCK SOLID (and we had two batches). I will give Market another chance though because it is a quality place to dine overall, everyone should at least check it out. Does not beat Telluride

            2. Went to Market last night with co-workers. Before I start, let me preface that this was on someone else's dime. Our group was taken out by some nice folks who were visiting our office.

              Mattzcap - our bread, too, was rock hard. I'm not kidding when I tell you I was exerting serious arm power to tear off a piece. I don't get it.

              We started with a couple apps at the bar: Nona's meatballs, fish & chips, & school of tuna. I only had a bite of the meatballs and F&C. Both were good. Co-worker said school of tuna was boring, and tuna 4 ways should not be boring.

              We sat down & ordered a couple more apps - foie gras & baby artichokes. Both fine. Nothing wow.

              Ordered entrees: I had the roast chicken. Some other entrees ordered were striped bass, the ravioli, the steak. One co-worker said steak was great, one of the best pieces of steak he's ever had. My dish was ok. The chicken was cooked nicely. But there was a whole mess of other ingredients muddling it up. That seems to be sort of the theme at Market. Too many ingredients. This is just me, but I simply prefer fresh, light, clean, minimal ingredients - cooked really well. When I order chicken or fish or WHATEVER, I want it to be the star of the dish. I tasted the bass which was cooked nicely, but again too many other ingredients muddling it up. Others in my group were less than satisfied.

              We had a good time, despite ourselves. This place however, is not cheap. Our bill before tip was almost $500. This obviously included wine & cocktails. But still. I'd much rather spend MY hard earned money dining somewhere like Duo, or 211 before it's sold. So I got my fill. I'll probably try it again someday, just not anytime soon.

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                We went the Mitchell's Fish Market on Valentine's Day - the jazz music was great and so was the booth. I'd rather go toany pizza place in town than eat the food there though...it was not as good as anything I cook at home.

                The Capital Grille is friggin awesome though - I like the steak and potatoes, etc - the wife likes the lobster everything - lobster bisque, fresh lobster, lobster mac & cheese...I get porterhouse everytime I go there...