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Jul 23, 2007 11:35 AM

Dim Sum in DFW (with vegetarian options)

I'm new to Texas, and am looking for a good dim sum place in the DFW area. My boyfriend is Vegetarian, so I want to be sure that they will have some vegetarian selections for him also. Any suggestions?

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  1. Does he eat fish or is he a vegan? There are many places with seafood available and a very few all veg dishes.

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      He does not eat fish, but egg and milk products are ok.

    2. The problem is that there may be traces of meat products (e.g., meat broth) in what otherwise appears to be a meatless dim sum item. (Parallel thread mentions most all of the dim sum restaurants in the area.) Most dim sum restaurants will serve off the regular menu, too, during lunch time, so a vegetable dish from that menu might be an alternative, though you need to look for meat byproducts there, too.