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Jul 23, 2007 11:25 AM

Report: Something Savory and The Squaling Pig

Had a couple food experiences to share, one not good, the other intriguing if not altogether ideal:

1. got the Mars bar toastie dessert at The Squealing Pig -- which was not good. This takes two Belgian waffles, between them puts the candy bar in the center and surrounds it with banana slices (gives you two of these large entities) and grills it, serving it with spiked whipped cream and sliced strawberries on the side. The big problem here is that the candy melts into a chocolate puddle surrounded by banana that doesn't really melt -- nothing coheres into something else -- and the whole thing is very dry, which the whipped cream doesn't help. And the berries were pretty green. Service was pleasant enough but very slow because of understaffing (one bartender covering the whole place, tables and bar). The Phantom Gourmet lists this item in a recent "Great Ate" dessert category, but he blew it on this one.

2. got a Cuban sandwich at Something Savory in Arlington. It was intriguing, if not quite a classic version of the dish, containing not only pickles, pork, ham, and cheese, but also lettuce, tomato, and a solidly spicy red pepper relish. Everything did melt into a tasty molten mass, though, and it had a real kick to it from the pepper relish (the cook here used to work at the Green Street Grille, which may explain the liberal spiciness). Liked least the fact that the bread had a solidly burned-black appearance on the bottom side as well as strong burned-black stretches of the top side, though surprisingly it didn't actually taste charred. Served with wavy cut potato chips of the Ruffles type.

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  1. By chance I just had lunch at Something Savory on Saturday -- nice piece of grilled salmon topped with a generous amount of very tasty fresh fruit salsa with just the right amount of fresh chilis chopped in, accompanied by seriously yummy rice and beans and good mixed veggies. It all came out literally steaming hot -- the fish was initially cooked perfectly, a bit moist in the center, but the carryover heat meant that the last few bites were a tad dry. Still, a minor quibble, it was an extremely tasty, perfectly-sized lunch for $8.95.

    Something Savory
    1312 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

    1. I've had the roti and the rasta pasta- both were wonderful.