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Jul 23, 2007 11:19 AM

Dutchess County wineries

Any really outstanding? Do any of them have a restaurant attached?

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  1. clinton's very good for dessert wines, but no restaurant.

    millbrook has a great view but i (and someone who is the opposite of me; i like desserts and sweet/light wines) both don't care for their vineyard.

    there's one over near amenia which i don't care for either.

    that's a roundabout way of saying "i don't think so..."

    there's a wine trail link: which includes 'all' 3; the one i remember in amenia isn't listed? though grieg farm is a nice farm, adjacent to alison (in red hook


    i'd recommend shawangunk trail, personally.

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      I don't care for sweet or dessert wines, so maybe Millbrook and the one in Amenia would be good. Guess I'll just have to give them a try.