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Jul 23, 2007 11:13 AM

Where can I buy Bacchus energy drink in OC? In a Korean Market?

I need to find bacchus by this weekend (long, unfunny story). I checked Bev Mo online, and it's not listed there. Bacchus is a Korean energy drink, does anyone know if I could find this in a Korean market? Anywhere in the OC would be okay, the closer to Huntington beach the better. TIA

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  1. Yes, I believe you should be able to find it any Korean grocery store. my friend bought a case once from Hannam Chain in LA.

    1. For sure Hannam would have them (there's one in Garden Grove), but there may well be a source closer to Huntington Beach, too.
      If you're on a mission for someone, you might want to check which kind of Baccus is desired--a long-time popular one is Bacchus-F, but there's also Bacchus-D, Bacchus-X, and evidently also a canned version, simply "Bacchus" (and once I accidentally ended up with a similar-looking "Bactan-Q", which tasted like cigarettes to me)

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        Thanks, I'll have to check it out. I actually need the canned version, but I might just check out the F version