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Jul 23, 2007 11:13 AM

BBQ on North Fork...which place??

I am hoping to eat BBQ this week with a few friends. I am aware of two possibilities: Farmer's Bar in Cutchogue and the new place on Front Street in Greenport. Which one is better? Are either of these any good? Would love ordering tips...

Also would love updates on the dining scene on the NF..the farther east the better! I have liked Antares in the past...has anyone here been there yet this year?

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  1. Everything I've had at Farmers has been great, and I've heard bad things about the new place in Greenport, so haven't even tried it. I always get something with fish, but everyone else gets traditional...can't say anything to avoid, including sides.
    Farthest east would be Orient by the Sea, we love the food and atmosphere, also Skippers, or Hellenic: we seem to bypass Greenport this time of year anyway. Lots more relaxing! I've written about them all before, so don't want to bore anyone.

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      Coll, thanks! I had all but decided to try the Farmer's Bar and you have erased any hesitation. You have been consistently helpful about the NF over the years. And one of these days I will try Skippers; I remember your rave about the place a few years ago! I must say that I do not like the Hellenic. I know it is popular but I find the food less than enticing. And actually kind of overpriced for what you get on the plate. I will give Orient by the Sea another try this summer... and will report back on my Farmer's bar dinner! Thanks again.

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        Looking forward to your report, thanks! Skippers has great food although the ambience might not be for everyone. What a comfortable place to eat/hang out.
        We find Hellenic to usually have decent food BUT the service is so bad that we rarely go there, unless we are driving by and it's totally empty! You need a few hours just to get a course or two, too bad for them.

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          I had dinner at Farmer's Bar last week. I liked the atmosphere a lot..very friendly with no pretense. They even bought us free drinks because we had to wait about 5 minutes (!!) for someone to take our order. I wish I could rave about the food, but I was a bit disappointed. The fried okra and the chipotle sweet potatoes were outstanding. Cole slaw excellent as well. The brisket was good, but the St. Louis ribs were tough and chewy..maybe the error was that I ordered them "dry" style. (Hoping to replicate the ones I loved at Daisy Mae's in Manhattan). We left ribs on our plates, which is most unusual for me. Because they were so nice, I would give it another try but all in all, the dinner was disappointing because of the ribs... Prices are reasonable; three of us ate for about $40.

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          Orient by the Sea is always wonderful. I'd pass on the Sea Barge.
          True the atmosphere was refreshing, but our experience was terrible. We arrived 10 minutes early for our reservation and was seated 30 minutes after our reservation at a table next to a bunch of noicy children. As we were seated we we informed the waitress that we would rather sit somewhere else. she called the mananger over who very rudely dismissed us and told us there was nothing he could do...So If you plan on coming there ...Think about this

      2. BBQ BIll's in Greenport is great!

        1. bbq bills has a nice upper deck for a cold beer and view of the harbor, but the food is really quite bad. Everything tastes exactly the same, and the staff seams less than motivated. Farmers Bar is funky and cassual, but the food is not bad for bbq north of the mason dixon line. I was really impressed with the sweet potato fries untill the bartender told me that was the only thing on the menu not made in house. Frozen and available from some company on line. Still had a nice time, but would only go if had the bbq jones.