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Sidedish for Kasha

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Hi All. I am serving company tonight: salad and parmesan toasts, kasha varnishkes, fruit salad. I would like to serve a side dish with the kasha that would balance with the rest of the meal. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. That's interesting to me that you're using the kasha as the main dish. We always served it as the side dish. Was this typical for your family?

    1. I think the best thing to balance out that meal would be a nice brisket or pot roast. There's no sense having kasha varnishkes without gravy.

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        I agree, we usually serve the kasha varnishkes as a side dish for brisket. But it you are vegetarian, then make a cooked vegetable that has a sauce of some sort.

      2. I,also, usually serve it with brisket, for the gravy.My daughter, however, is now a vegetarian, and I made this portabello veg. gravy from Epicurious. It was quite good, and provided the gravy kasha pairs with so nicely.

        1. I often serve Kasha, made from the recipe on the box, with Roast Duck. The earthy nuttyness of the Kasha makes a perfect foil for the rich sweetness of the Duck.