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Dean's Pizza Square Pie

Finally stopped by Dean's (85th between Broadway/Amsterdam) for lunch the other day. Went with basic square pie - grandma type. Features 2 types of mozzarella - fresh and processed. and 2 types of parmesan. Crust was nice. Overall, it was good. Not great, but solid. A few people around me had the round pies, which looked like sister (or cousin?) restaurant Patsy's.

The space is beautiful.

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  1. agreed......if you have to travel more than 5 blocks its not worth it....

    1. Food was very akin to Patsy's - from the round pies to the baked ziti and penne ala vodka. That being said the physical space of the restaurant itself was extremely well done - from nice columns and high ceilings - could use some white tablecloths though.

      Very kid friendly - not sure if your consider that a postive or a negative.

      1. The only thing is, do not go exploring this menu. I have been there with some people who have ordered pasta and other items. Airplane's serve better pasta.

        1. I really like Dean's. I really like the Grandma Square Pie but have also been ordering their rigatoni bolognese & their version of spaghetti & meatballs (thicker pasta noodles-I forgot what they call it) & for $10 each for the smaller portions its quite the bargain. I live close by so I drop by & eat at the bar or have them deliver which Patsy's doesn't do. My only complaint is when I call for delivery it is always a struggle to get someone who speaks English well & invariably they mess up my order or it takes a long protracted conversation to get them to understand my order w/o them screwing it up. All in all, the food is quite good & better than Carmines or San Luigi's. I've never had a pasta issue like Daniel who posted right before me. Just my two cents.

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            I just did my 1st delivery with them the other night. 1 month later they may be improved. Pizza came correct and piping hot and rest of order was also good - and under 30 minutes (i live 10 blocks south). I'd order again..

          2. I think the square pie is one of the best pizza slices in the city.

            Since we disagree, what are your favorite pizzas in the city?

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              I know you arent asking me but, I am jumping in.. If my memory serves me correctly, I had a wonderful square slice at Demarco's one drunken night on my way home from Pegu Club... I know its now closed but, did you get to try that pizza? Being that its so close to me, I have to go back and try the square slice..

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                My favorite slice in the city is a bit of an oddball choice but my vote goes for the pepparoni slice @ Mimma's on 2nd Ave & 84th St. I like to get a slice that needs reheating to get the crust nice & crunchy & whatever herbs they put in the sauce + the pepparoni they use is heaven. I sometimes will sneak over by subway for lunch when I get the craving (I work in midtown). My 2nd pick for slice is the Cleopatra Jones from Two Boots. I'm sure pure NYC pizza afficionados are mortified but that's what I like. I've had the pies from Lombardi's, John's, Totonno's & Grimaldi's so it's not from lack of trying. Never made it out to Difaro's or the place in the East Village that gets raves....

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                    Some places to think about.. Thanks,.

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                      Anyone been to Vinci's on First Ave.? Is it worthy of the #1 `Grandma' designation it got on sliceny.com?
                      I was in NY & went to Dean's this past weekend. Pizza (traditional round) was better than expected. Crust had some character/crunch to it, nicely brown. Sauce/cheese/toppings could have used a little pepping up, but some extra salt. red pepper & sprinkle parm seemed to do the trick. The interior space, I surmise, was once the ball room of the adjacent Bretton Hall, which used to be a residence hotel. Had separate entrance on 85th for weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah receptions, ``affairs'' in general. Dean's is to be congratulated for making good use of the space while preserving West Side heritage.

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                      I have to agree with Fallon. For all the Two Boots hate around here, the Cleopatra Jones slice is one fantastic piece of pizza. I went there out of necessity one day and was very surprised. fresh italian sausage and red peppers.

                  2. I finally made it to Dean this past weekend.My friend and I got a white square with sausage, roasted peppers and mushrooms. I don't know what some of you people were complaining about but THAT WAS THE BEST PIZZA ON THE UWS!

                    I love patsy's. It's definitely a delicious pie, and such a good sub when I'm not willing to hike all the way to Brooklyn. But the square pie is just unbeatable.

                    The crust was crisp on the outside, with a little tenderness inside. The white sauce was smooth and creamy but not too overwhelming. And those roasted peppers........drool

                    1. Just moved to the UWS and recently tried Dean's. Pleasantly surprised. Pretty solid square pie. Will be ordering from there again. As a pizza afficianado who has traveled the city in search of great pizza, here's the top I'd recommend:

                      DiFara (worth the trip)
                      Joe's (Carmine St.)
                      Nick's (Haven't been to the Brooklyn one, but the UES one is convinient and great)

                      Haven't had John's or Patsy's in a while, but I remember it being solid. The "East Village" one, is probably Una Pizza Napoletana, which I used to live across the street from. I can confidently say this is the most overrated pizza in the city. It is good and fresh, but at $20 for a very small (almost personal) pie/$5 for a pretty pathetic slice, this place doesn't make the cut.