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Jul 23, 2007 10:47 AM

Ceviche (Glover Park)

Has anyone heard anything about this place? The website says it's not open yet, but I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the other places (listed on the website) and/or the chefs behind the place.


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  1. I'm a Glover Park resident and have fair to good reviews about the original in Silver Spring. Fraga-Rosenfeld appears to be a rainmaker in the restaurant scene so I hope he can add to the already impressive culinary cachet we have in our little corner of DC. At first I heard it was supposed to open in mid-June, but they've obviously slipped that deadline. I'm hoping for the beginning of August!

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      As a fellow Glover Park resident, I wholeheartedly hope that this place is good.

    2. This place is open. I think it opened last weekend. Cozy spot. The food was great but its main menu was not out yet. :( The manager's name is KC. He gave us a couple of desserts (the ice cream was my favorite). Its worth checking out.

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