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Jul 23, 2007 10:44 AM

Houston Airport

I have a 3-hour layover at the Houston Airport this Wednesday evening. Where should I eat? Are there good local places that have an outpost at the airport? Does Goode Company BBQ have an airport location? I had seen a post from a couple years ago mentioning Pappadeaux's. What is that? Is it any good? I appreciate any advice that Texas 'hounds can give me.

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  1. I believe the bbq at both airports is Harlon's:

    Pappadeaux is Cajun, part of the Pappas family of restaurants. I don't think there's one at the airport but there is a Pappas' Burger.

    Which airport, btw? The fly2Houston website lists the restaurants at Hobby but not at IAH. I haven't been through IAH in years.

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      Sorry, I should have clarified; I am flying through IAH. Is Harlon's any good?

      1. re: Josh Resnik

        Sorry, I've only had it at a festival booth and I was one of the last in line as the festival was shutting down -- wasn't impressed, but that was probably not a fair sample.

        I might try again, or try the soul food, if that's available there. I'd guess any Q at the airport is going to have been cooked off site and kept warm, anyway.

        The list on the link posted by jokah includes Pappas BBQ - I think I'd choose to try Harlon's again over that. Pappas Q is only mediocre by Houston standards

        Not just kinda odd that fly2houston doesn't list the IAH eateries, it's stupid. I'd agree with jokah that the other 2 Pappas outlets would be the best choices of those shown. The Little Creamery may be Blue Bell (the little creamery in Brenham). You could just do a lite meal and sample some Blue Bell ice cream treats.

        That's just a listing of places with openings it seems; there may be other restos at IAH not listed.

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        Kinda odd that fly2houston doesn't have the IAH restaurants listed. Anyways, here are most of the ones in terminal E. Pappadeaux and Pappasitos seem to be good options.

      3. We had great ribs from Harlon's many months ago. We had flown all night from Rio de Janeiro and connected through IAH to Reno. Although it was morning, they had their ribs ready early. We bought a pound of ribs and carried them on the airplane. With our totally screwed up internal clocks, we had ribs and a beer for "breakfast" while others were having Cheerios :) Unfortunately that must have been an anomaly. On a subsequent trip, they said the ribs are NEVER ready that early. But the other food looked good also.

        1. Hi Houston hounds--reviving this post. Will be at "Bush Intercontinental" for about 2 hours on Wednesday--what's a step above Burger King and the usual dreck these days?

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            There are three Pappas restaurants in Terminal E. I've eaten at Pappadeaux Seafood several times, and it's good.