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Park Avenue Summer RW dinner menu?

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I'm going on Thursday and want to whet my appetite. Tell me what's for dinner? And what's good or bad.


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  1. No RW menus listed on their website. You might want to call the restaurant and ask.


    1. I had them fax the menus to me. my date and I had the scallops for an app and the monkfish and lobster salad for entrees. For dessert i had the lemon cake and he had the choc mousse. I though the lobster salad was the best. oddly enough, the amuse and the bread plate were both really tasty! plus we sat next to joan rivers which was just odd.

      1. I went with some friends and really liked it! Best appetizers were the Caprese ravioli and the scallops w/ apricots & granola. The best entrees in my opinion were the lamb tenderloin and the lobster salad. The sticky chicken was also good, but more like a dressed-up BBQ chicken with a bit of a Thai flavor. I liked the sorbets that we had also, the spicy chocolate one was sweet with a zing. Enjoy! If you can, stop at the ice bar where you can make your own cocktails.


        1. oh it all sounds so so good. Should I go to the ice bar b4 dinner or after

          1. Not to rain on your parade but I went to PA Summer last week for lunch and was underwhelmed by the food and surprised by the friendly but inept service. In short the food was either bland or too heavily doused in their sauces. The green and yellow bean salad was close to tasteless. Caprese ravioli were quite interesting, stuffed as they were with tomato, mozzerella and basil. Here the sauce killed it though. A yellow tomato coulis turned out to be an electric orange (think the color of the ING ads) with a swath of balsamic vinegar reduction, imparting a strong acidic flavor which totally eliminated the taste of the ravioli and its caprese surprise inside. The tuna medallions were dull lumps of seared tuna sitting in a thick gluey bland aioli. The lobster salad on a bed of avocado was fine but overwhelmed by the avocado bed which was a slab of mashed avocado 3 inches wide, 6 inches long and a half inch deep. I never thought you could have too much avocado but I stand corrected. Sides included spiced lacqured carrots which were just baby carrots with a glaze tossed with mini marshmallows. French fries were fine, thick square cut in a wooden box with three odd sauces for dipping, including one which was a dead ringer for Hellman's tartar sauce. The service was friendly, but relatively clueless. Almost as if they took well meaning staff from a diner in Queens and put them on the floor of the restaruant. Dishes were described as amazing and awesome, the aioli was described as "kinda like a cream sauce". My favorite though was a description of the Chicken and Waffles sandwich: "Its a very common dish out West, you know, like in Tennessee." The only saving grace was the pastry chef. The semolina rolls studded with corn kernels were addictive as was the rest of the bread basket and the desserts were first rate. Goat cheese crepes with fresh rasberries layered with cookies ala Napolean was superb. A chocolate ganache with mint foam was a pleasant mix of tastes and textures and the ubiquitous Chocolate Cube (a standby from Park Ave Cafe) was as good as it always had been. In short, the food disappointed but I'd go back again for dessert.