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Jul 23, 2007 10:43 AM

Park Avenue Summer RW dinner menu?

I'm going on Thursday and want to whet my appetite. Tell me what's for dinner? And what's good or bad.


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  1. No RW menus listed on their website. You might want to call the restaurant and ask.

    1. I had them fax the menus to me. my date and I had the scallops for an app and the monkfish and lobster salad for entrees. For dessert i had the lemon cake and he had the choc mousse. I though the lobster salad was the best. oddly enough, the amuse and the bread plate were both really tasty! plus we sat next to joan rivers which was just odd.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I went with some friends and really liked it! Best appetizers were the Caprese ravioli and the scallops w/ apricots & granola. The best entrees in my opinion were the lamb tenderloin and the lobster salad. The sticky chicken was also good, but more like a dressed-up BBQ chicken with a bit of a Thai flavor. I liked the sorbets that we had also, the spicy chocolate one was sweet with a zing. Enjoy! If you can, stop at the ice bar where you can make your own cocktails.

          1. oh it all sounds so so good. Should I go to the ice bar b4 dinner or after