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Jul 23, 2007 10:25 AM

Double(/blind) Date... Suggestions?

So, my best girlfriend has made it her mission to set me up, and she's arranged a double date for the two us. Clearly, the situation is going to be awkward enough, so I wanted to pick the restaurant, to avoid recommendations like CPK or Joe's.

I'm in search of a good restaurant thats $20 pp or under with tip (no drinks, though I'm sure I'll need one), in the back bay/ south end/ fenway area, quiet enough on a Tuesday evening to carry a conversation, and preferably with outdoor seating. I don't know the guy or how adventurous he is with food, so a more conventional cuisine would be a plus.

I appreciate any suggestions you may have! Thanks again!

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  1. Pop's his a nice outdoor patio, is very reasonably priced and has conventional cuisine. The food is pretty good and I have enjoyed my many trips there. It's not mind blowing but it sounds like it would be perfect for what you are looking for.

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    1. re: lissy

      just checking Pop's menu and their starts are from $7.5-$14 and mains run $17-$25. that would put them around $30+/pp w/tip.

      1. re: ScubaSteve

        I usually order off the app/sandwich/burger portion of the menu which stays within their parameters.

    2. that's a tough price point. i was gonna suggest Eastern Standard, but you'd be over your price a little bit.

      1. Cambridge One has just opened a second spot near Fenway-- haven't been but we go regularly to the Harvard Square original. Sleek, good for a date, interesting pizzas and salads, fairly hip but not pretentious, and you can linger if it's going well or clock in at under an hour if that's what becomes apparent. I don't know if they have outdoor seating.

        1. Audobon Circle might work. They even have a patio out back. Do not go there before a Red Sox home game; after the game starts, however, it will probably be fine.

          Another possibility might be the new CODA on Columbus Ave. I have not been there but the reviews sound promising and the price points are right on.

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          1. The Parish Cafe is inexpensive, has a patio and is within the neighborhoods you're looking at.

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            1. re: jules127

              Another is PICCO on Tremont has a patio. As stated here last week, they have great fish tacos for 10 bucks, paninis, pasta, pizza.

              1. re: jules127

                PICCO is a great suggestion. Excellent ice cream too. I met my spouse on a double/blind date - so have fun and who knows...

                1. re: Delhiwala

                  i also like to recommend PICCO. had their fish tacos last week - so delicious (even better than el pelon's??), and of course pizza and ice cream are good, too.

                  1. re: lschow

                    I'd rate it better than El Pelon's too (although I've never considered El Pelon's version particularly special). I liked the ones at Cafe D a bit more, but haven't tried them in a long time.

                    1. re: limster

                      Does PICCO always have fish tacos? They are not on their online menu.

                      1. re: Blumie

                        I've seen that written on their blackboard as a special. Can't remember if I've seen it on their menu or not.

                        1. re: limster

                          although they were on the board as a special, our waiter said they were "basically on their menu", so i have a good feeling the tacos are here to stay!

                          1. re: lschow

                            Last time I went...maybe a few weeks ago..they were on the menu. So I think it's official :)