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Jul 23, 2007 10:12 AM

Best 6th street Indian?

Looking for freshest/tastiest/most autentic. Atmosphere doesn't need to be fancy (few are I guess) but should be cheap. Thanks.

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  1. Rose of India is pretty good. I also really like Ghandi, though it's not the cheapest one on the strip. I am very sad b/c Bombay Dining, my fave cheap one, closed.

      1. I second the recommendation for Banjara. And order the pot-pie thing (no matter how unlikely it sounds). The veggie version (and I'm no veggie) is wonderful!

        1. My friend and I always like Calcutta. I can't speak to "authenticity" since I'm neither Indian nor Bangladeshi. But the food is always yummy, the portions are quite large, they make it really spicy if you ask (my friend always tells the waitstaff "I want to sweat when I'm eating this"), and it's pretty cheap. Oh, and they often have the sitar player in the window which is fun ambiance.