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Jul 23, 2007 09:48 AM

3 day visit to Little Rock, AK

Every year I pick a city to go explore for a weekend, and this year's city is Little Rock. I searched the board for Little Rock, but got many odd results (perhaps my search technique is bad -- I got all kinds of things with the words little and rock but having nothing to do with the city of Little Rock). Anyway, I'll be arriving on a Thursday morning and departing on a Sunday afternoon, so looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My food interests are essentially about what is good, local, non-chain, fun and suitable for a solo diner. I like a bit of fine dining, but I'm not too interested in eating at a restaurant that could as easily be in any other city. I will be staying downtown, but I will have a car. My only definite plans are to visit Central High School and the Clinton Library, so other suggestions (even though, mea culpa, nonfood topics violate the rules) would be welcomed.

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  1. I look forward to the replies to your post, Randy, as I plan to do some dining in Little Rock this fall...

    (note: AK = Alaska)

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      Oh my goodness, thanks for correcting my mistake! Little Rock, AR it is!

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        It'd probably take you 3 days just to get to Little Rock Alaska (if there is such a place) :). I haven't been to Arkansas in a number of years but at one time there was a very nice art museum in MacArthur Park, near downtown, also Douglas MacArthur's childhod home had tours. A long time ago, you could see bullet hole chips in the mosaic of the Central High Tiger at the entrance of the school. But that buildign was old in '56 and if still around, very old now. There was a plack commemorating the events there. Not sure what all I'd do to keep occupied for 3 days, but enjoy your trip and report back, as you're so aware, there's little updated on Little Rock area here.

    2. There used to be a reasonably good Italian restaurant across the river in North Little Rock. Housed in an old residential/dental office. I think it was called Capeo's. Obviously, if you're downtown you'll have to stop in at Doe's (steaks can be a bit on the greasy side but the tamales were good). Whole Hog Cafe out on Cantrell Road, or if it's still around,Ferneau's on Kavanaugh are two other potential places. If you're staying at the Excalibur, across the street is the Capitol Hotel and it had a great bar plus the interior is very nice. somewhere back on these boards someone mentioned Lindsay's but I'm not sure where that is or what the food is like. Tons of chains, meat and 3s and buffets/cafeterias around.

      1. I'd say you're on the right track with Central High and the Clinton Library. Both are interesting and impressive. Can't say much about high-end dining in the area, but will offer a few observations. First, Doe's Eat Place hit the spot with strong local atmosphere and wonderful food - steaks, burgers, tamales. (Haven't been to the original in MS.) Sim's barbecue on W 33rd a few miles SW of downtown was a big hit also. Distinct style (sauce especially) and easily as good as many places with much wider reputations. Can't wait to get back there. Flying Fish downtown is pretty good. Certain items (eg, catfish) better than others. Also some nice baked goods across the street at the market in the morning. On a different note, Hot Springs makes a pleasant day trip from LR. Great architecture and beautiful surroundings. If you make it there you might stop at McClards, generally regarded as one of the best barbecue spots in the South.

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          Ooh...the market! Yes! I spent a few days there and every morning bypassed the continental crap at the hotel for a latte and yummy baked treat at the riverfront market. I'd imagine that would be a great place for lunch although I was always somewhere else mid-day.

          Count me as another recomendation for Doe's. Man, that place rocks.