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Jul 23, 2007 09:35 AM

Birthday dinner

Looking for a casual and fun place to have a birthday dinner for about 30-35 -- some kids under 10.

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  1. what part of LA..type of food...price range?

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    1. re: Diana

      American nothing fancy or expensive

      1. re: missybocou

        Where in LA are you? Where do you want to eat, Los Angeles Area wise?

        I don't want to send you to the SFV if you want to stay around West Hollywood...

        1. re: Diana

          we are in the Silverlake/Los Feliz area but will go to WLA, SFV

          1. re: missybocou

            How about Lucky Devils in Hollywood?

            1. re: New Trial

              you can't really fit 30-35 people IN Lucky Devil's

    2. I hate to say this, but your best bet may be a chain, such as Bucca Di Beppo (OK, Italian, but fake italian) or such.

      In Burbank, you could go to karl Strauss. nice Garlic fries, good beer, and the kids would be tolerated. BJ's Brewery is also there, and similar. The food is "eh" but the beer is OK. They do american inexpensive, too. Not the best, but affordable, and they can handle big parties with notice. The pizookies, a cookie baked in a pizza pan and topped with ice cream are yummy (each one might feed two.)

      Valley In is and old fasioned steak house in Sherman Oaks. I'm not sure about prices, but it is definitely American.

      Cafe Bizou could handle your partyin the back room. American/french cafe food, very good, $2 corkage, not too pricey at all. Sherman Oaks, again.

      I could give you more choices if people would expand their dining horizons beyond "American"