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After reading about Utopia...I finally managed to go there.
It was on a Wednesday nite at 8 p.m. and it was raining..but that didnt stop the LINE-UPS of people who wanted to eat there (including us!!).
So we patiently waited..and watched all the yummy hamburgers being served.
Finally we got invited to the patio in the back. A charming patio..indeed.
As for the food...we werent disappointed.
We had the gourmet poutine fries ..fries with mushrooms, goat cheese with veggie gravy. YUM.
We had the veggie nachos...which was so large, we brought most of it home.
We had the mumachari dip with naan bread...which was interesting.
We had the tuna burrito as well (not my favorite).
Defintely returning....for more fries, nachos and a burger (it seems everybody was eating a burger).

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  1. Do they still have veggie corndogs?

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      I didnt see any on the menu. Wonder why the took it off...were they good?