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Jul 23, 2007 09:19 AM

Mumbo Sauce???

im not sure if im spelling it correctly, but in dc when you order fried chicken from those chinese carry out places, it is served with this reddish, sometimes pinkish sauce, you can only get it here, (i've tried in baltimore and in philly) does anyone know a recipe for it or a carry-out that will sell it to me? I refuse to go back to school without some.

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    1. Ive read the post thread listed by amethiste.
      Mombo sauce has been around DC from the 1960's.
      Way before Yum's, Korean's or the like.
      Dont know how it was made, but french fries, fish, wings from all the corner store half smoke or "Carry Out"shops had it. Back then DC Transit, or the Bus, was the way most folks got around town. And in spring or summer the windows stayed open and every block was lit up by Mombo sauce from carry out to carry out. Cant tell if it is the same today as then, health problems. Prolly from too much mombo sauce back then?
      Any way you are sure to find it at any Danny's/Eddy's/Yum's asian joint in town. Look for sub's/wings etc. if the menu offers Yat anything they have it. Never found out what yat was BTW. That should clue you in? Nail shop / Barber shop / check cashing joint / sub shop ;> Mombo sauce is near by.