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Jul 23, 2007 08:57 AM

San Diego (with kids)

We will be in San Diego (Coronado) for a week and I was hoping to get some reccomendations for places to go that would also be appropriate for two small kids (4 and a half and 18 months). Any cuisine is fine. Places that are vegi friendly would be great as the wife is vegetarian.

Thanks much,


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  1. You will be in Coronado, probably one of the best spots on the west coast to have fun. My we live in San Diego and enjoy going to the island on the weekends.

    Moo-Time Ice Cream is a lot of fun. My children enjoy the silly vanilly, it is blue vanilla, and they have mix-ins.

    In the fast food catagory there is La Salsa and KFC, both are good for picnics on the beach.

    On the same side of the street as Moo-Time is a really old diner that serves great sandwiches.

    1. Check out The Landing. There are several places to dine, all acceptable with small children. Peohe's is a bit more upscale, but being a tourist town, they get their share of kids!
      Miguel's Cocina is okay for Mexican, and offer some vegetarian options. There is a lovely little coffee & pastry place on Adella - Bino's European. The Beach Grill & Deli is pretty good. I agree with normalheightsfoodie on two points - Coronado has always been my favourite beach in SD, and you definitely need to take the kids to MooTime! Enjoy your stay, and report back if you can.

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        we like tent city. i've taken my now 20 month old there several times and the food is excellent. their california salad is wonderful.