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Jul 23, 2007 08:46 AM

Sushi in Horsham/Willow Grove

Besides Ooka, any other good, reasonably-priced sushi places in the area?

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  1. Absolutely! My favorite sushi place is Miraku in Springhouse. The atmosphere is really nice, service always friendly, and sushi always delicous and fresh. I am not very daring with sushi, so I cannot speak to variety but we always order standards such as tuna, salmon, and yellowtail and it is always great. They also have one of the best spicy tuna rolls. If you want to go beyond sushi, they have a delicous entree which is a bowl filled with lettuce, spicy dressing, and all kinds of fresh raw fish. I think it is called a buri bop and it is so good. I'm sure it is a very common thing in Japanese restaurants and I am completely botching the name....

    Best of all at Miraku is that there is never a wait for a table, even on weekend nights. Although I like Ooka, I stopped going because of the ridiculous waits.

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      Thanks! I'll have to check it out. Exactly where is it? Is it BYOB?

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        Yes it is a BYO, the prices are very reasonable to begin with and the fact that you can bring wine really keeps the costs low. My husband and I usually eat a ton of food and spend less than $40.

        It is in the Genuardi's shopping center on Bethlehem Pike in Springhouse. You would have no idea it was there, unless you are looking for it. I guess that is why there are never huge crowds.

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          With all due respect, if a place never has a wait that, IMO, it speaks volumes about how it is. If a restaurant is really good, people will find it regardless if it is hidden away in a shopping center or not (besides given the amount of traffic that goes to the supermarket, it's not as if people don't see it).

          A perfect example of that is Fuji when it was in Cinnaminson (even though I'm not a fan of it). I grew up in that area and given that it was located in front of a no-tell motel, I never would have thought that it would be edible, let alone good/great. That said people found it regardless.

          As for Miraku, it's decent sushi, but doesn't compare to Ooka. Maybe I am a sushi snob, but I'd rather pay $80 for good sushi than $40 for decent sushi.

          I have heard that Asian Fusion in Abington/Jekintown on 611 is good, but haven't been there to confirm or deny.

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            I certainly do not want to give the impression that Miraku is empty and that people do not go there. It is always bustling on weekend nights. I just wanted to point out to the OP that there are never long waits or lines out the door at Miraku as there are at Ooka. While I do enjoy Ooka, I typically avoid it due to the riduculous waits.

    2. If you can possibly make it out to Plymouth Meeting, Bluefin is the best sushi I've had in and around Philly, and I'm including Morimoto's. It's small, doesn't look like much, and is in a strip mall, but if that doesn't put you off you will definitely not regret it. My favorite things on the menu are the tamago sushi, the tuna sundae (a starter of raw tuna, chopped avocado, tobiko, wasabi tobiko and chopped cashews served in a martini glass) the glass noodle salad and anything with their salmon in it. They are just past the mall -

      I live much closer to Ooka but I never go there - Bluefin is way worth the 15-20 minutes it takes for me to get there from Glenside. My only issue is it can get a little crowded on the weekends, but they accept reservations.

      1. Just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions . . . . I had the opportunity to try Miraku a few weeks ago on a weekday evening and it was great! The sushi was wonderful and I have to say that the service at Miraku was excellent, better than Ooka. It is definitely hidden, and that may be the reason it was so empty. I don't think the lack of people had anything to do with the sushi! Next stop . . . . Bluefin.


        1. Ooka is great, no doubt.

          But there is a smaller sushi place that is also fantastic with extremely fresh fish, great menu and fantastic staff....It's called Yama Japanese (used to be called Jumbo Sushi House). The location in a strip mall is not much to see from the outside, but inside it's cozy and comfortable, ideal for a solo lunch or business meeting.

          Here's their website:

          Yama Japanese
          Horsham, PA 19044, Horsham, PA 19044

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            Yama is great. Not sure if it is owned by the same chef that owned Jumbo Sushi House. Their rolls, especially the triple tuna, are outstanding.

          2. I am so glad people are starting to discover Yama Sushi. Jay is the same owner as Jumbo Sushi. He worked for years in NYC and still goes there every morning for his seafood. His sushi and sashimi are always fresh; however, for a real treat get his rolls. They are awesome! My favorite is the Tequila Sunset with avocado, eel and spicy tuna. Actually, anything with his spicy tuna is great. We've never been for lunch, but go at dinner and it is always quiet. He does a good take-out business, but I would love to see more people stay for dinner. It would make the place livlier. He changed the name to Yama when he added some Korean dishes to the menu. He now has BiBimBob and Bulgoki.

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              Thanks for the explanation. I think the menu is a bit different than Jumbo, ar at least it seems so. The rolls are spectacular and the best part for me is it's only a mile away.I'll be a regular there.