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Jul 23, 2007 08:36 AM

Dining in Overland Park, KS

I'm heading in to Overland Park for a couple of nights and was looking for recommendations for decent restaurants to check out. The only one I've been to so far is Jack Stack's Fiorella BBQ which was very good.


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  1. Check out this thread: and this thread:

    For fine dining, there's 40 Sardines and Cassis. I haven't been to either in quite a while, but both are always highly rated. I was just at Yia Yia's on Saturday and was very happy with their summer menu- I had the heirloom tomato salad, crab cakes, and gnocchi, and they were all really fresh tasting- perfect for a summer day. These three are all really close together.

    Here's a thread on Cassis:

    4821 W 117th St, Leawood, KS 66211

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    1. re: Katie Nell

      Okay, I can't get the place linking to work... grrr! So here's the 411 on the places I named above:

      40 Sardines
      Address: 11942 Roe Ave, Leawood, KS 66209
      Phone: (913) 451-1040

      Yia Yia's
      Address: 4701 W. 119th St. Overland Park, KS
      Phone: 913-345-1111

    2. Here are some of my favorites:

      Bo Ling's--Chinese
      9574 Quivira Road Lenexa KS 66215

      Thai Place--Thai food
      9359 W 87th Street
      (913) 649-5420

      Kaiyo Restaurant--Sushi
      4308 West 119th Street
      Leawood, KS

      1. I have yet to eat at Coco Bolo's in Leawood, but if it is anything like I remember Coco Bolo's in Manhattan (ahh, waxing nostalgic for my college town) it is great! Some people call it Mexican, but their website says that they infuse tastes of Creole, Japanese, Asian and East Indian into their dishes. Gosh, I've gotta get myself over there.

        There are two Italian restaurants that we like. Garozzo's ( www.garozzos ) is on College Blvd between 69 hwy and Antioch. Cascone's is on 91st just east of Metcalf ( . Most people prefer Garozzo's, but I like Cascone's. At Garozzo's I get the chicken spedini.

        If you aren't on a budget I second the recommendation for 40 Sardines. If you want a steak I like Hereford House lots.

        Enjoy the area!

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        1. re: amy_rc

          The two times I've been to the Coco Bolo's here, it was not quite the same- the first time it was close; the second time, not even close! It's about the only thing I'm nostalgic for from my college town! We were in Manhattan a couple of weekends ago and we ate there for lunch, and then for dessert, I had sweet potato fries from Pat's Blue Ribbon!! Everybody poo-pooed me for getting the fries for dessert, but they sure helped me eat them! Talk about a day wrapped up in nostalgia!

        2. I like Tienda Casa Paloma for Mexican American food. It's not fancy--you order at the counter and get a number, claim a formica table or booth, then pick up your food. The food is good and they have jamaica, a refreshing hibiscus drink, which I wish was more common. (They're starting a new menu today, and I'm not sure what that means.)

          If you like Indian food, there's a lunch buffet or dinner menu at Korma Sutra at 110th and Metcalf, in the back of the shopping center just south of 435. (There's an Applebee's in front, to be avoided.)

          There is also a Japanese izakaya at 133rd and Antioch called One Bite that I strongly recommend. Thus far, I've tried their seaweed salad, fried chicken salad, gyoza, modan okonomiyaki, and yaki udon. All were fantastic. The gyoza were clearly homemade and the juiciest I've ever had. I cannot say enough good about this spot. It's small and can get crowded on the weekends, so go early if you don't want to wait twenty minutes.

          I like Kaiyo, Bo Ling's, and 40 Sardines, too, haven't been to the others mentioned.

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          1. re: amyzan

            Another good choice for Indian -- one of the best in town -- is Ruchi at College and Antioch. Good buffet, good entrees.

            1. re: heatherkay

              Yeah, I like Ruchi fairly well, but for some reason they rarely deliver my food while it's still hot.

              Plus, their dosas are often pretty badly made--too thick and chewy rather than crisp. I'd love to know what they do well? Never had their buffet, but will give that a try since it's an easy way to see what they excel at in the kitchen. Is that at lunch only?