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Jul 23, 2007 08:35 AM

lunch driving from rome to todi (umbria)

After landing in Rome we will be immediately driving form Rome to Todi in Umbria and would like to stop for lunch at a simple trattoria with good food. Anything a few miles from the highway is fine. Any recs are appreciated
Elayne Aschkenes

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  1. As an option, I always take the train (a one hour ride) from Rome to Orvieto and lunch at I Sette Consoli (my favorite in all of Italy) and rent a car in Orvieto Basso (across the street from the train station). Its a little more than a trattoria but lunch under the tents in the courtyard is memorable. Of course, Orvieto is on the way to Todi, so one could drive there too. ISC is in Orvieto Scala (at the top of town).

    1. We just got back from a week in a villa outside of Todi - charming town! We had most of our meals cooked at the villa, so can't help much with Todi rec's - did have a big dinner at the Neopolitan restaurant off the main square. Mixed results - the adage to eat seafood only on the coast should have been remembered. However their buffalo mozzarella was the freshest in all of Italy & the owner charming, but imposed several dishes upon us we didn't know we ordered...

      1. Trattoria dell 'Orso in Orvieto is excellent.

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          You should write ahead to confirm the days/hours the restaurant is open, but we stumbled into a wonderful Sunday noontime meal along the way to Todi right here:

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            I like to stop at the Ristorante degli Angeli, in Madonna degli Angeli, 5-10 minutes from the Magliano Sabina exit from the A1. Wonderful housemade pastas, great guanciale, roast goat, and baccala, and the way from the autostrada is well-marked.

            I respectfully disagree with the recommendation for Titignano. It is in an appealing castle, and it is very cool-looking, but it is most often overrun by tour groups, and it serves the kind of assembly-line food most of us go to Italy to avoid.

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              Sorry to hear that about Titignano. But that wasn't our experience, altho admittedly it was several years ago and off-season. We learned about the place from friends in Rome who would drive there (about 2-3 hours) from the city Sundays specifically for the experience.