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Log-in and My Chow problem

After the maintenance a couple minutes ago, had to log-in. Tried to access My Chow, and log-in screen popped up again. Logged-in once more, tried to go to My Chow, and log-in screen reappears. Repeated again, can't access My Chow, just get the log-in screen, and have tried it in a new tab. Continues even though I'm able to post, so I'm reporting it now.

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  1. Same here - going to my chow brings up the registration/login page.

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    1. re: hannaone

      Can you try logging out and then back in?

      1. re: Engineering

        Logged out and back in. Mychow still goes to registration/login.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Me either. Cleared cookies, cleaned browser catch - no joy. When I signed in a moment ago on my CHOW the page it took me too wasn't mine (lol). Still having the same problem with both Firefox and IE 7.0

          1. re: sivyaleah

            me too... I have tried logging out and back in several times

          2. Same problem - whe I click on my user name in the upper right hand corner - it takes me to My Chow no problem -

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            1. re: weinstein5

              That work-around worked for me, but clearing the cache didn't -- when I click on my "my chow" link it still takes me to the login page, and from there to the "latest posts" board -- rinse and repeat.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                The My Chow link is working for me now -- I didn't do anything, so Engineering much have found the bug. Thanks!

              2. I had the problem, so I logged out, cleared my cache, and logged back in, then was able to get to My Chow.

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                1. Seems to be working now.

                  1. This seems to be a cookie problem; MyChow uses a different cookie than Chowhound. Restarting your browser, clearing your cookies (both chow.com and chowhound.com, if you don't choose to clear all cookies), and then browsing to Chowhound should resolve it.

                    We're reluctant to force a general cookie reset because it would log out all the people who aren't having problems.

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                    1. re: Engineering

                      OK -- tried this and still having the same problem -- is there a Plan B to try?

                      1. re: rlh

                        Does it only happen when you click "MyChow", or does it also happen when you click your username in the top right?

                        1. re: Engineering

                          This is only happening to me when I click on "My Chow" - works when I click on my username - I keep being asked to log in if I go to "My Chow".

                          1. re: MMRuth

                            Same here. Works by clicking user name but when going through my CHOW I get the log in screen.

                            1. re: Servorg

                              my CHOW just started working again for no particular reason that I can discern.

                          2. re: Engineering

                            Thanks -- I can use the workaround by clicking my username top right -- still no luck with My Chow tab, however.

                            1. re: Engineering

                              My Chow = Login Page
                              User name upper right = Correct

                          3. re: Engineering

                            I just cleared cache history but not cache cookies and that worked for me. IE 7.

                            1. re: Engineering

                              I just cleared the cache (didn't delete any cookies), relaunched browser, and its working fine now on Firefox/Mac.

                              1. re: Melanie Wong

                                Spoke too soon, while it worked initially, the log-in page popped up again when I tried to click on My Chow. So this time, I cleared the cache, relaunched, and signed in on the "combined" log-in. Let's see if that sticks. Until recently, I hadn't been aware that there were chowhound, chow, and combined log-ins. Guess I've been logging-in through chowhound.com only until now.

                              2. re: Engineering

                                I vote for forcing a cookie reset. The people having the problem can't use the feature, and it's safe to assume that only a fraction of them are finding their way here to read these tips. The people who aren't having the problem will be mildly inconvenienced when they have to log in again, not really a big deal if you ask me. I've come to expect that of Chowhound- every few weeks I have to log back in unexpectedly. A very minor inconvenience not worth worrying about (as long as it's only every few weeks!)

                                1. re: beccaboo

                                  i think clicking on My Chow doesn't work for a lot of us,

                                  but if you can still log in, just click on your user name in the upper right hand corner, and that will take you to My Chow, that should work in the meantime until the kinks get worked out.

                                2. Clearing the browser cache, relaunching the browser, and logging in again seems to be helping most people who still have problems after clearing cookies.

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                                  1. re: hannaone

                                    It didn't help me.

                                    I also posted on site talk with this problem.

                                    1. re: janetofreno

                                      Some have had to clear their cache twice to get it to work. I had to restart mine twice.

                                  2. Same problem here on IE6 and Firefox - can get to MyChow by clicking the "Hey, ElsieDee" link in upper right corner, but clicking on "my Chow" results in being directed to a log-in page.

                                    I've cleared cookies, caches, memories and logged-out and then logged back in. All to no avail.

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                                    1. re: ElsieDee


                                      Er, I spoke too soon. "My Chow" is now working with Firefox.

                                      It is still NOT working with IE 6.

                                      Original Post:
                                      "My Chow" is now working as normal - thanks, Engineering!

                                    2. that's the answer for most.

                                      clear your history/cache/etc.

                                      and then log back in. you'll be good to go.

                                      1. Same thing here - just started today.

                                        1. Me too. I just tried it and it took me right back to log in even though the home page shows me as being logged in.

                                          1. I just tried logging out and back in, didn't work, then deleting cookies, still no dice. I can't get to My Chow, just the log in page. I'll keep trying.

                                            ETA: Deleting history doesn't work either.

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                                            1. re: amyzan

                                              Does going in through your screen name which appears at the very top right part of the screen page (which reads: Hey, amyzan | Logout) work for you?

                                              1. re: Servorg

                                                Sorry I wasn't here to answer earlier. I tried that too, and it didn't work. it gave me someone else's posts, weird. I just gave up and decided I'd come back to the site this evening after the debate. It's working for me now.

                                            2. I've tried all of this except deleting cookies which I don't want to do. I'm at work - deleting cookies will be an issue for me. I can get to My Chow through clicking on "Hey Sivyaleah".

                                              1. I had the same problem, but when I clicked on My Chow again it took me to "John's Recent Posts." I wonder who John is?

                                                1. Some users may have been using older, cached javascript this morning, which may account for some of the problems that were reported. We've upped the version number on the javascript to force loading of the new version, so hopefully that will help. Sorry about that!

                                                  If you are still having problems, please let us know -- and tell us what browser you are using, and whether you have javascript enabled, and where the mychow link is taking you. The effect of clicking on mychow should be identical to clicking on your name in the top of the header, or the login link if you aren't logged in.

                                                  Also, if there is still a problem, it is unlikely that it is related to cookies, so don't bother deleting them at this time.

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                                                  1. re: Engineering

                                                    That makes sense - I keep getting messages to update my java script.

                                                    1. re: Engineering

                                                      I just tried clicking on My Chow again and was kicked to log-in. Did it twice. Now I'll clear cache again (3rd time today) and log back in.

                                                      Edited to add: Before clearing the cache, I tried clicking on My Chow again, and this time it worked fine.

                                                      1. re: Engineering

                                                        Weird: after reading this, I clicked on My Chow, and it worked. I then went to a thread, read it, and clicked on My Chow again, and it too me to the combined login page again. I'm using Firefox, but I don't know if javascript is enabled on this computer or not (work computer).

                                                        1. re: JasmineG

                                                          In Firefox, choose Tools->Options and then the Content tab. There's a ticky box there for enabling Javascript.

                                                      2. Seems to be ok for me now. Thanks!

                                                        1. We've been able to reproduce this problem now, and are working on a fix.

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                                                          1. re: Engineering

                                                            Is that the problem where when I click "my activity" I get "Byrd's" most recent posts? Because that's the new problem as of this afternoon. I tried logging out and logging back in, and I'm still getting "Byrd's" posts. Could it possibly be related to the power outages in downtown SF this afternoon?

                                                            1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                                              Same here. Click on ANY hound's "All Activity" and you get Byrd's.

                                                            2. re: Engineering

                                                              Problem with repeated log-ins still ongoing. Have cleared cache/history twice.
                                                              Rebooted, re-logged in. Still problems. IE 6/XP.

                                                              Lots of Whoops! errors Page Not Found also. Besides the All Activity/Byrd bug mentioned above.

                                                              1. re: maria lorraine

                                                                I always get the Whoops! errors Page Not Found when I try to go to My Chow but don't realize that I'm not logged in. It asks me to log in, and I do, and then I get the Whoops. Now I try to remember to look for the Hey, AmyH before I go to My Chow. Then again, since that hasn't been working, I just click on the AmyH.

                                                                1. re: Engineering

                                                                  Okay, it's worked for me for days, and then the same problem happened (but only when I clicked on My Chow, when I clicked my username it was fine).

                                                                  1. re: JasmineG

                                                                    Yeah, still seems to be intermittent. Funny thing is that I'll be redirected to the log-in page when I click on My Chow. I just ignore it and use the back to return to another page, then click on My Chow and it will work fine without my clearing the cache or anything.

                                                                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                                                                      Back to the broken way it was before...I click on MyChow and get a log in page. I log in, click on MyChow, back to the log in page.

                                                                      I click on my name and I get my MyChow page.

                                                              2. This is really strange...because.... I have been able to access "My Chow" everytime I have arrived here today. (that's why I had such a rough time communicating with Niki Rothman and her problem relative to My Chow.

                                                                I have this site bookmarked, as do many of you. I'm operating on IE6, I think..... may be 7.