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Jul 23, 2007 08:31 AM

Log-in and My Chow problem

After the maintenance a couple minutes ago, had to log-in. Tried to access My Chow, and log-in screen popped up again. Logged-in once more, tried to go to My Chow, and log-in screen reappears. Repeated again, can't access My Chow, just get the log-in screen, and have tried it in a new tab. Continues even though I'm able to post, so I'm reporting it now.

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  1. Same here - going to my chow brings up the registration/login page.

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    1. re: hannaone

      Can you try logging out and then back in?

      1. re: Engineering

        Logged out and back in. Mychow still goes to registration/login.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Me either. Cleared cookies, cleaned browser catch - no joy. When I signed in a moment ago on my CHOW the page it took me too wasn't mine (lol). Still having the same problem with both Firefox and IE 7.0

          1. re: sivyaleah

            me too... I have tried logging out and back in several times

          2. Same problem - whe I click on my user name in the upper right hand corner - it takes me to My Chow no problem -

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            1. re: weinstein5

              That work-around worked for me, but clearing the cache didn't -- when I click on my "my chow" link it still takes me to the login page, and from there to the "latest posts" board -- rinse and repeat.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                The My Chow link is working for me now -- I didn't do anything, so Engineering much have found the bug. Thanks!

              2. I had the problem, so I logged out, cleared my cache, and logged back in, then was able to get to My Chow.

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                1. Seems to be working now.