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Jul 23, 2007 07:51 AM

dinner in bangor

something special in buffets or all-you-can eat...this will be at the end of a week in maine vacation... thanks, dee dee

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  1. OK....not a great deal in Bangor....

    More upscale? New Moon Cafe is solid...overpriced...but solid.

    Best food in Bangor? The Indian or Pakastani places downtown

    Best atmosphere, good beer, but so so food? The deck at the SeaDog

    Thistles is usually OK but pricey.

    Cleonice in Ellsworth (1/2 hour away) is by far the best....and special...

    Or....take out from Montes International Catering and have a picnic by the river

    1. Thistle's is very good also, and may be better then New Moon.

      1. Had dinner last night at Cafe Nouveau, and it was excellent. Wine bistro atmosphere. Menu is eclectic and creative and surprisingly reasonable. Two of us dined, with two glasses of wine, for less than $50. We didn't have room for dessert, but when the tray came to dinner, we sure wished we did--everything on it looked very enticing. It doesn't take reservations, but you can always browse the adjacent wine store or sit at the bar while waiting for a table.