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Jul 23, 2007 07:40 AM

Best electric skillet? wafflemaker?

My aunt has an electric skillet (rectangular, about 9x13) that she gets a lot of use out of, and I'm thinking of adding one to my probably-overfull cabinets. That and a wafflemaker. Any recommendations?


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  1. I'm a waffle lover and have had many over the years, but my Krups Belgian wafflemaker is still my favorite. The waffles are super thick and fluffy, and it's the easiest thing to clean in my kitchen. The big 4-waffle one is $49.99, but I have a 2-waffle one which I believe was cheaper. Happy hunting!

    1. I actually have tried an electric skillet but find it so much more difficult to clean, I just use my largest fry pan. As far as waffle irons go I've had an Oster (inexpensive one) for so long it cracked, but I just couldn't let myself throw it out. I am happy I didn't because I was given a new one an expensive Belgian and hated it. Back to my Oster crack and all.