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Jul 23, 2007 06:56 AM


We will be staying in Montgomery, AL for one night. I was told to stay at the Hampton Inn on East Chase. Can you all recommend a restaurant for dinner? Would prefer no chains, unless it is a Houston's or similar. Thanks!

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  1. El Rey burrito lounge in the Cloverdale section of town is a fun place. They have great margaritas and fish tacos. Jubilee Seafood and Tomatino's Pizza are also options in Cloverdale. You'll find mostly chains near East Chase.

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      You could also try Sinclair's (corner of Vaughn Road and Taylor), which is closer to where you'll be staying. It's a local grill with somewhat of a bar scene. Think upscale bar food.

    2. we moved from montgomery about a year ago and had a few favorites....el rey and tomatinos in old cloverdale were great casual joints.

      la jolla in east chase was always good if pricey...they had a chocolate bread pudding that was to die for....

      sinclairs in old cloverdale was much better than the one near east chase...not nearly as good, and the atmosphere was so stuffy...the one in old cloverdale has a great patio

      bonefish was always good..but of course it is a chain...but one of the best out there

      never did jubilee but if you are in old cloverdale you should try to stop by 1048 for some live music almost everynight...
      oh and cafe louisa (which shares a kitchen with tomatinos) does a fabulous capri panini (with pesto tomatoes and fresh mozerella )
      oh and there was a place downtown that did a great piece of fish..but the name escapes me


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        &mnags, I think you're talking about The Olive Room

        From East Chase, your choices are:

        Ala Thai East (excellent Thai food - some of the best I've ever had)
        Go out the parkway to Taylor road, turn right, go across the Interstate to Atlanta Hwy (~2 mi), turn left, Ala Thai will be in a strip mall on your right. It's behind a Burger King and next to another good restaurant who's name escapes me.

        Jim 'n Nicks - Great BBQ - it's a chain from Birmingham. Follow directions above and continue about 1/4 mi on Atlanta Hwy. It's on the same side of the road in front of Wal-Mart

        La Jolla - Excellent fine dining and very close to your hotel. It's in the mall across the street. Find Books-a-million and continue through the roundabout.

        Sommer's place - I've only eaten here a few times, but I like it. From the Hampton inn, turn left onto the parkway and follow it to the Bruno's supermarket. It's at the left end of the strip mall. There's also a new Mexican place in the same strip mall, but last time I went by there it wasn't open yet

        Next Door - Great wine bar an appetizers. They serve meals as well. NB! This is a smoking only establishment! - Follow the parkway to Taylor Rd, Turn left and to to Vaughn Rd. Turn left and go about 1/2 mile. It will be in the strip mall past the Rave theater, facing the street. Next door is part of the City Grill (another good choice - fine dining) and shares a kitchen. Also in the mall with Next Door is Jalapenos, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants

        Miyako - Sushi - not my favorite, but pretty good. Just past Next Door on the left

        Shogun - Sushi - my favorite. Pkwy to Taylor Rd, turn right and get on the Interstate going South. Get off at exit 6 (Eastern Bypass) and turn left. Shogun will be on your right just after the Interstate Overpass. Sit in the Sushi bar even if you want the Hibachi grill and you will get seated immediately. Ask the sushi chef to do you a special favor and make you Crispy Rice. It's not on the menu anymore, but it's my favorite thing, ever.

      2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I did not expect such a good response. It will be hard to choose. Unfortunately I will be in Montgomery for only one dinner.