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Jul 23, 2007 05:25 AM

Foodie In Barcelona [Moved from International board]

Any suggestions for an introduction to Catalan cuisine? We might go to a highly rated and expensive zagat rated place for one meal but we mainly don't want to spend a lot of money but want to eat great food. Any suggestions? We are staying at the MontBlanc and like to walk. I can not eat bivalves - clams, mussels, oysters, etc. Also open to other regional cuisines of Spain but we have never been to Spain and want to eat "local".....We leave this Wednesday. Thank you, hounds!

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  1. For real Catalan cuisine for cheap, I recommend La Taina in Gracia. Not walking distance from your hotel but not long by metro. It's imperative you like meat, though.

    1. As a first introduction to Spain, I would recommend Set Portes restaurant in Barcelona. It is predominately fish, seafood, paella, but also has meat dishes. Very traditional, always busy with a great buzz including lots of Spanish, and good, fresh, very tasty food, but more simple dishes to introduce you to the cuisine.

      7 Portes
      Passeig d'Isabel II 14, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

      1. Hope these suggestions are not too late...

        Used to live in Barcelona and my favorite was Les Quince Nits in Placa Mayor. I think the Diagnal underground stop will get you there but don't quote me. The line starts forming early but the food is really good and inexpensive.

        I also liked 7 Portes a lot.

        I would also make sure that you try Pimientos Padron that you can get in any local tapas bar...yum!

        I have more restaurants at home if yur are still checking this thread:)

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          Les Quince Nits is actually in the Placa Reial and the stop is Liceu, Catalunya or Jaume I. It is good and inexpensive, true, but the food is less Catalan cuisine and more just international stuff with a few Spanish things thrown in. I'm not discounting the recommendation, however.

          7 Portes is great and I'll second the rec on the Pimientos. Great stuff.