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Jul 23, 2007 01:10 AM

Lima, Ohio Eats

My best friend got a new gig w/ Marathon Oil and will be spending 2 weeks here shortly and a week a month in Lima, Ohio for the next 6 months. I'd like to hook him up w/ some good chow w/in driving distance or in town Lima. He does have a rental car. Thnx in advance for the suggestions.

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  1. D. Dave,
    Lima is home to the burger institution called Kewpee.
    Rumored to be the prototype for Wendy's, they serve tasty square burgers and rich, thick shakes, just like the other Wendy's item known as the Frosty.

    1. and also in the fast food vibe there's a skyline chili there. no idea where you're from (so if it's elsewhere in ohio it's no biggie) but it's the most well known cincinnati chili chain and it's worth checking out. i certainly miss the 3 ways (chili, spaghetti, cheese) and coneys!
      of note if you've never had it better not to think of it as chili but it's own thing. spicy greek spaghetti or something. but those who love it - like native cincinnatian me - crave it!