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Jul 22, 2007 11:13 PM

Need someone to roast a pig!

Okay, plans have changed and I would like someone to come to my house and roast a pig for the luau I'm having. I'm not sure if people will necessarily eat it, it's more for show. Does anyone know anybody in the area that does this?

Thank you!

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  1. Said Amella: "I'm not sure if people will necessarily eat it"

    Have you ever tasted roast pig? Have you ever smelled it? Unless your guests are observant Muslims or Jews I think it's safe to say the pork will be sampled. Good luck.

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      A luau is not a luau unless you have a roasted pig. Amella - do you know if takes about 12 hours to roast a pig the traditional "show" way? It also requires a pit to be dug in the GROUND. So unless you are willing to disturb your landscaping, you may want to reconsider and order a whole lechon from a filipino market or restaruant. If you are not using a caterer, other alternatives might be to serve Kalua Pork - don't forget the chili water. The Loft or Kings Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance both make excellent Kalua Pork and can provide catering. I have used both in the past. There is also Brada's (sp?) in Gardena. Good authentic Hawaiian too.

      Roasted pig at a luau is delicious - also it smells like any other meat being roasted in a pit. I think most observant non-pork eating guest would have the cultural awareness that a luau (or any non-religious) is going to serve foods that they may not be able to enjoy. Especially if they are Kosher, I'm sure they are going to eat before the party. Can't say I've heard of too many Kosher luaus - but this is LA!

      For the whole roasted pig - try Manilla Lechon in Carson on Carson Street.

    2. I hope that poor piggy isn't giving its life just for show.
      What type of roast pig are you looking for? Since it's a luau, Hawaiian Kahlua pig would make sense however, real Kahlua pig is roasted with lava rocks underground and the finished product isn't exactly centerpiece buffet-friendly.

      Other options:
      Cuban Lechon Asado
      Philippine Lechon/Litson
      Puerto Rican Asado Rostado
      Spanish Lechon Iberico

      1. In my defense, I am having the party for someone else. They make the requests and I do the research. The 'more for show' remark weren't my words. I'm a vegetarian.

        With that said, I really do appreciate all of your suggestions!

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        1. re: Amella

          Being that this is L.A. and you can find anything here, I'd post an ad on Craigslist -- in the employment section. I'm sure you can find a chef in this town who would do it privately for a price!

        2. You can preorder a whole roasted pig from Max's of Manilla in Glendale.

          1. Any Cantonese shop will sell you a whole roasted pig. If you really want the whole show, you can probably buy a setup to twirl it around and bung an apple in its mouth or what have you.