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Jul 22, 2007 08:16 PM

Nice Dinner Spot Place Near Tufts

I will be taking my son to visit Tufts and a friend's daughter who is a student there is going to give us the "inside tour". I would like to take them to a really nice place for dinner near the campus if possible. I am thinking steak, seafood, sushi, etc. I will have a car, and my son and I will be staying in Cambridge.Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bistro 5 isquite nice. It is in Medford, but close to Tufts.

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      Evoo and Gargoyle's are pretty close too.

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        I second Bistro 5. Very nice and excellent food.

      2. I think Sabur in Teele Square is really nice, but the cuisine is a bit exotic - it's Mediterranean, and they throw in some Greek, some Mid-Eastern, and also some Croatian. The food is delicious though, and my out of town guests who I've taken there have been very pleased. Bistro 5 or Gargoyles are also good suggestions. When I try to think of Medford sushi, there's only a Korean place in Medford sq, but I don't think it's that great either for atmosphere or food.

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          I second Sabur...I used to go to Tufts and really enjoyed having my parents take me there. Gargoyle's in Davis square is also good (although I've only had their bar menu).

        2. Sei Bar on Main St in Medford might not qualify as "really nice" (more of a family-run neighborhood place), but the sushi is surprisingly inventive and fun. My favorite is the Sei Bar maki, which are these UFO-looking California maki topped with cooked scallops, tobiko, and spicy sauce.

          Out of the Blue in Davis Square is a relatively casual seafood restaurant with Italian accents. Not especially fancy, but by no means a dive either, and I've always enjoyed my experiences there.

          For a more upscale vibe, I'd agree with Joanie's recs for EVOO and Gargoyle's. Haven't been to Bistro 5, but I've heard consistently good things.

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            Thanks for all of the recs- I will review the menus with the boss (my son). He isnot the most adventurous eater......

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              Add Sagra and Tu y Yo to your list. Sagra is Davis Square very good Italian fare in a fun space that would appeal to the kids and also to you, and Tu y Yo is upscale Mexican (ie: not burritos and tacos) with yummy Sangria.

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              Second Out of the Blue. The atmosphere is low key casual and the sea food is very good.


            3. Tivoli's in Malden on Exchange Street.

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                Question about Sei Bar- does anyone know if the broth in the udon soup is chicken stock? I know, random question, but Id love to try it and Im veg.

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                  Well, thanks everyone for the tips. We ended up going to EVOO last Wednesday and loved it. My son had the Bento box which was very creative. The ingredients. including chicken, shrimp and beef were mounded in a chinese takeout box and inverted on the plate. Our friend's daughter has allergies (onions and garlic-poor thing) so she had plain grilled salmon and mashed potatoes. The server and chef were very accommodating about it. I had the beet and goat cheese appetizer and the special tamale which had corn, veggies, potatoes and was awesome.