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Jul 22, 2007 07:39 PM

Iced Coffee at Tim Hortons.

Has anyone tried the iced coffee at Tim Horton's yet. I live in Canada and they are only testing it in the States. I was hoping I could hear from those that have tried it.

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  1. Actually they have it in some Toronto Tim's- I had it at the one in College Park underground mall [Yonge/College] and I wouldn't recommend it; it was mind-blowingly awful. I do love Tim Horton's for many things [damn, it's our national institution!], but it should stop adding drinks that make it look like it's trying to be an upscale coffee shop if it can't do them properly.

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      That's really disappointing man! If Second Cup and Starbucks can pull it off, how hard can it be?

    2. I HAVE to share my Timmy Ho's story! I moved to Buffalo from Long Island and had never heard of TH, but figured I could get anything I could get at Dunkin Donuts there. It was August and hot, so I went into TH and asked for an iced coffee (this was the summer of 04). The girl said they had iced cappuccino but not iced coffee. I was dumfounded. They had coffee and ice so therefore they had iced coffee. She said she had never heard of them selling it before. So I got "smart" and ordered a small coffee and while she was getting it, I asked for a medium cup with ice. THAT was no problem (?!?). And the funny thing is, I kept asking for iced coffee for the rest of the summer at TH....every location was stumped by the request and every time I used my "trick" of ordering coffee and a cup of ice.

      That all being said, now that DD has moved into Buffalo, I stick with them.

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      1. re: L_W coffee over ice gives you nothing but lukewarm watered down coffee.

        I also used to travel frequently to Florida on business and was amazed that even Starbucks had not prebrewed iced coffee. Iced Americano was closest I came.

      2. Oh that's what they were giving out on July 19 Free Iced Coffee.... Some Canadians thought it was here too but i think it the promo was just for USA. Dunkin Donuts has nothing to worry about. I prefer their donuts but I'm having trouble even finding a DD around here with a plethera of Tim's all around.

        They've been advertising their Supreme Iced Cappucinos for the summer~ I finally tried their mint flavoured one and it was such a waste of my $3. Barely tasted like coffee and the choclate syrup that they drizzled on the whip cream was just as tasteless. There is something about Tim Hortons and chocolate that they don't do right. I had a plain (no glaze) chocolate donut & again couldn't detect any cocoa flavour at all.

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          I was up in Canada a couple of months ago and stopped at the TH drive-thru for some iced coffee. They didn't have any... just iced cappucino.

          So I ordered that with cream and one sugar. If you've ever had one of these before, you're probably laughing right now.

          It was the most rotten thing I ever drank, and I can't believe the clerk didn't tell me what an iced cappucino actually was at THs. She didn't even pause when I ordered it with sugar!

          1. re: Yummy Stuff

            I prefer Dunkin Doughnuts as well but there are none in Toronto at all. It appears that TH drove out all the DD's from the area. I love the coolata's at Dunkin especially the lemon one! As for the other Iced drinks at DD, they rock as well! Whenvever I go to the States, I don't hesitate to drop by a Dunkin and enjoy a doughnut and ice coffee.

            1. re: callitasicit

              Ah, that wonderful lemon coolata at Dunkies! I'm also a big fan of, surprise surprise, McDonald's iced coffee. They will blend it however you want it, with Splenda and non-fat milk if you ask.

              I think Tim's hot coffee is good but the iced coffee/cappucino drinks are awful. They taste petroleum based.

              1. re: brendastarlet

                In Ontario, we don't have Mcdonald's iced coffee! Tim Hornton's iced coffee is that bad, huh? I am still looking forward to tasting it though.

                1. re: callitasicit

                  My wife rarely drinks hot coffee, but she loves Tim's iced cappucino, as does my older daughter. I think if you offered her regular coffee over ice, she'd spit it out. However, my wife did love the "Eiskaffee" we had in Vienna, which is hot coffee poured over ice cream.

                  I think Tim's killed all the DD's (and the Mr. Donut's) by offering a much greater variety on their menu than just plain doughnuts. I developed diabetes a few years back, so doughnuts and danishes are pretty much off limits, but I enjoy Tim's sandwiches, chili, soups, etc., and find most of them better for me in terms of nutrition when compared to any of the burger chains.