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Jul 22, 2007 07:37 PM


Has anyone been to Matsuhisa in LA? Is it worth the $$$$?

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  1. I've never had a bad meal at Matsuhisa.

    As to whether it is worth the money, that's only something you can determine based on your budget, expectations, etc.

    That said, you can easily spend much more at many other sushi/japanese joints in LA and not get the same quality offered at Matsuhisa.

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    1. our favorite way to eat at MATSUHISA is in the omakase room. you need a resers. only about 8-10 seats. worth the $$$$.

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      1. re: revets2

        is this at their new location on la cienega? what is the price for the omakase now? it was $90 - $150 last time we went which was few years ago.

        1. re: rickym13

          you can still have at the old location. prices really depends on market and what you eat. i've had it range wide between $70 - $150.

          1. re: revets2

            Are you talking about the up-coming Nobu restaurant on La Cienega? If not, what old location?

            1. re: QualityMart

              the only old location of MATSUHISA there is. we've been doing the omakase bar there for years. i don't think it's underground, but it's the room to right as soon as you enter the restaurant that is subtly hidden behind a screen of sliding doors. reservations required.

              1. re: revets2

                Yeah, I know about the omakase room, but I was confused by the comment by rickym13 "is this at their new location on la cienega?"

                1. re: QualityMart

                  oh...sorry. i wasn't sure if they move to the new location where l'orangerie was.

                  1. re: rickym13

                    It's at the old location as the transformation of the old L'Orangerie location isn't scheduled to be ready (open) until Jaunary, 08. (Don't be surprised if it's later...).

                    1. re: JBC

                      wow...really? i thought they were shooting for sometime this summer

                      1. re: rickym13

                        They legally became the new owners 00:00:01 A.M. 1/01/07? Anyways, that may have been their original hope; however, letting the building inspectors snoop around a building undergoing rehab, including those recently built if they were fininshed before the 1994 earthquake, can result in all kinds of unexpected changes DEMANDED by those pesky Clouseaus before they'll sign off.

                        How do I know that the current estimate is 1/08?

                        Easy, I did it the old fashion way - I just called & asked.

                      2. re: JBC

                        Regardless of Nobu coming to the L'Orangerie location, everything I've heard is that Matsuhisa is going nowhere.

                        Is there any new information otherwise? (There was originally a rumor that Matsuhisa was closing but I thought that was retracted.)

                        1. re: QualityMart

                          last we heard, nobu has tentatively agreed to keep the original location open and see if biz sustains after the NOBU opening.

        2. Yes; it's worth every penny. And, the way to go is the Omakase.

          1. I simply like Matsuhisa for its board specials - which will have things not easily found in other upscale sushi joints. I've never been disappointed in their food except for one time at Nobu Malibu (which, amazingly, the waiter actually admitted it was an off night and comped a few things) but I've never walked out feeling like I got a great deal either. I don't actually like all the celeb hype but they're definitely a respectable sushi joint, hype and all.

            1. For a different opinion. I have been to Matsuhisa many many times with people who are regulars. They always order up an astonishing amount of food, so I think I have tried every single thing on the menu. I have never ever enjoyed a single meal there and would never spend my own hard-earned money there. I find the sushi mediocre and the atmosphere to be cramped and unattractive.

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              1. re: omotosando

                have you eaten in the omakase room (8 seats)? it's like eating at a totally different restaurant.

                1. re: revets2

                  No. Does the food for the Omakase room come from a different kitchen and different sushi chefs? Or is it more that they use different fish than they give the hoi polloi in the rest of the restaurant? I've certainly had extensive omakase at Matsuhisa, albeit not in the Omakase Room.

                  1. re: omotosando

                    there are at least two sushi chefs that only serve the omakase room. it don't see them putting together sushi plates and someone whisking them back into the kitchen or taking them out of the room, so most likely different chefs. kitchen? well, they're pretty much making it for you right there. different fish? i really don't know.

                    1. re: revets2

                      The sushi chefs rotate between the omakase room and the main bar on different days. Personally, I think Matsuhisa is highly overrated for a good 5 years now. I go when my sushi chef is running the omakase room (he tells me when I go when he'll be in again), but it's all very average throughout the restaurant and I don't feel the cut of fish is up to the standard of some of the other newer sushi restaurants today. On top of which, the restaurant looks/decore seem to be in awful condition (omakase room included seeing as it is really just a shuttered off area) for what was once the preeminent sushi restaurant in LA. I actually have slowly had a disdain for the whole Nobu empire. Malibu is just a celebutard hangout with very little emphasis placed on the fish or creativity and the ones in Vegas and NYC seem just off-shoots to capitalize on a name (meaning that it's more about "going to Nobu" that "going to Nobu to have spectacular sushi")

                      The omakase room does get a different grade of fish and more specialties/ (less quantity bought fish) than the main room. This is the only reason I go there as it isn't any more expensive than most omakases in better LA sushi joints and I like my sushi chef.