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Jul 22, 2007 07:24 PM

Leaf or sheet gelatin

Does anyone know of a source for this form of gelatin in Boston? Thanks in advance! pat

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    1. re: brandon_w

      We thought Whole Foods would have it, but it doesn't. It's sort of a specialty item, I think. Powdered gelatin is easy to find, but the leaf gelatin doesn't seem to be.

      1. re: Pat Hammond

        When I lived in NH, Hannaford had it, and I remember the Whole Foods in the Fresh Pond Plaza carrying it as well. The powdered gelatin can be substituted for sheet...10 sheets is about 1 oz of powder, but the bloom count (how well it sets up) varies by brand so you may need to do some experimenting. You could also look at small gourmet markets for it, I believe there is a small grocery store/european market on Charles Street between Branch Street and Mt Vernon St. that should carry it.

    2. I think I saw it at Cristina's spice market in inman sq.

      1. I looked all over Boston for it a couple years ago -- no luck.

        I ended up buying some at the King Arthur baking center in Norwich, Vermont. Not exactly local, but a pretty drive.

        1. Thanks, everyone, for your help. Pat