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Jul 22, 2007 07:20 PM

Sysco in Elkridge, MD

I will be in Elkridge, MD for business soon and was thinking of stopping at the Sysco Retail Outlet. Can someone advise what may expect to find there? I checked their website, but it really just shows a map and advises they have napkins and plastic cutlery. Do they have kitchenware? foods?


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  1. They do have a wide selection of commercial grade kitchenware, large assortment of paper goods and alot of the same commercial grade food that they sell to restaurants although you don't have to purchase anything in "case" quantity. ( can buy one #10 can of ketchup, 1 qt of heavy ceam,1 piece of tenderloin). Great place to buy spices in bulk. You're not really going to find "gourmet" foods there,,,,,just basic products and ingredients most restaurants would buy. If you enjoy cooking......I recommend it.

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    1. Also looking at another thread that mentioned them do you need a tax ID number? (I have one, but would have to find it)

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        Per the guy on the phone, they are open to the public. A tax ID # is not required.



        SYSCO Discount Food Center
        7540 Washington Blvd.
        Elkridge, MD 21075 410-799-8809