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Jul 22, 2007 07:17 PM

Metallic Taste in my Beer?

I bought a case of Atwater Block Brewery Vanilla Java Porter and several of the bottles have a very strong metallic taste to it. I had my wife try one to see if it was just me, but she tastes it too. It's not even a muted taste, it's very strong and very noticeable. I dumped one out yesterday and am ready to dump this one out too. Any ideas?

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  1. Can you contact the brewery? They might have something wrong with their pipes.

    1. It could be from their water, or even from old or poorly stored malt. Both of those would be a shame because it would result in another drain pour. I don't think improper handling could result in anything one would describe as metallic.

      I'd give it another go in a glass you know to be clean and very thoroughly rinsed so you know that there is nothing contributing to the metallic quality from your end. If you get the same result I'd nicely contact the brewery to see what they have to say about it, and at least bring it to their attention.

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        Contacted the Brewery and they've asked me to bring the rest of the case back to where I purchased it from and they'll do an exchange. They're going to have the bad bottles sent back to the brewery. I have one glass I often use for beer and only this Vanilla Java Porter has the metallic taste. I have a dopplebock from the same brewery and it tastes great.

      2. It could also be a bad batch of crown caps.

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          Well, through the distributor, Atwater ended up giving us a brand new case after returning about a half case. No complaints here and hopefully the new case will be back to normal.

          1. re: Rick

            Just had one from the new case and it tasted normal, no metal. At least now I know that metallic taste wasn't just the way I tasted that beer.