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Jul 22, 2007 07:05 PM

Where to buy a slab cake in Toronto?

I would like to order a (slab) cake, for an upcoming event. I am looking for a bakery that uses real butter cream icing- not lard. A reasonable price is always nice too. (Not cheap, just reasonable)

We live in the East end (Beaches)

Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Daniel et Daniel has amazing slab cakes. I don't remember the price, but they were well worth it. They are located on Carlton at Parliment. Dufflets also has good slab cakes.

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        katie's cakes on o'connor just south of eglinton. they have a website i believe. excellent cakes.

    1. Marvellous Edibles on St. Clair east of O'Connor makes excellent slab cakes. All their cakes and pastries are delicious. I love their chocolate banana cake. They also have a location on Laird.

      1. I can't give a personal recommendation, or even tell you for sure they do slab cakes, but just thinking of east end places you could check out and there are 2 Danforth spots - Niche (just east of Greenwood) and Sweet Tooth (508 Danforth, between Chester and Pape).

        1. Hi shocked, I would use Honeycrust Bakery in Scarboro. They do great slab cakes with a lemon filling, nice and light and great prices. They will even put a picture on top if you wanted. Sounds kitchy, I know but hey, depending on the occasion it works. Kids and grannies love it!!!! But seriously, their cakes are very nice. Ask for Vangie, she is very helpful....tell them Judy sent you. No discount or anything, but I used to give them a lot of corporate business and she was always very pleasant. If you use them, let me know your thoughts.

          1. Cakes in North toronto == Amadeus
            On Bathurst just north of steeles.