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Jul 22, 2007 06:58 PM

Taqueria Chihuhua - Mar Vista

Recently visited this place for the first time. It's on Venice Blvd, somewhere around Grandview, on the south side of the street. I don't think I've seen anyone post about it before.

Very good tacos in general, but the cabeza ones were exceptionally good, maybe the best I've ever had. Any other things that people can recommend there?

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  1. I miss this taqueria sooo much. I really, really, miss it. Love the beef crispy tacos, yum.

    1. I'm hoping this is a sign that they've upped their game since opening... I went a couple weeks after they opened and found the food to be wanting... maybe it's time for another visit...

      1. Somebody check my facts, but for the poster, Taqueria Chihuahua is a relocation from a beloved old taco joint on Olympic near 17th or 20th in Santa Monica. There was some initial excitement and then disappointment upon their opening on Venice.

        Hard to supplant my favorite in that area -- Taqueria Sanchez on Centinela south of Washington before Culver (with parking in the back) for superlative shrimp tacos, very good al pastor, good carnitas, and a clean and good salsa bar with friendly service and low prices. I did try Gallego's a few months back and definitely enjoyed my barbacoa burrito.

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          It's a good neighborhood with both Sanchez', El Abajeno, Tacomiendo, Don Felix, and the dollar taco place on Washington near B&B. I think it's called Estillo or something like that.

          Interestingly, Estillo does Atkins plates. They are like a traditional taco combo, but without the taco shells and rice. You get filling and beans -- low carb. Pretty cool, idea, actually.

          I've never been to the sit down Sanchez. Is it better than the walk-up with the butcher shop next door?

          I haven't been to Chihuahua yet. Gallegos has good tamales, btw.

          The best tamales are the guy who parks on my drive-way on weekend mornings and honks a bicycle bell -- but how do you review a door-to-door street vendor?

          Finally, depending on how you define neighborhood or "area" -- Sabor a Mexico is in the area, too.

          1. re: PaulF

            Do you know your Tamale Guy's route? our Tamale Lady who happens to be from Mar Vista has been less frequent in our hood than she has been in the past.

            Take Care

            - P.

            1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

              I do not know his route.

              I can try and ask him.

              He just pulls into my driveway, honks a bike horn and yells "Tamale, tamale, tamale ..."

              FWIW - I'm not a tamale expert. I just know I like these tamales. Some of the neighbors buy them, too.

          2. re: nosh

            Agree on every point. I had to stop myself from going to T. Sanchez tonite out of habit...

            I'd go to Gallegos much more often if they were open just a little longer...