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Jul 22, 2007 06:57 PM

The Grey Dog's Coffee- Univ. Pl.

I saw a grey dog pissing this morning as I walked to The Grey Dog's Coffee. Its piss probably would have tasted better and have been warmer than anything I had at 90 University Place. My eggs were cold and the only thing keeping my bland oatmeal lukewarm was the film on top.

With the realization that they just opened, I'll wait to give it another shot for a while.

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  1. that's too bad- the one downtown makes the best pb&j!

    1. Wow, pretty harsh. I just stopped by for a quick iced coffee and scone on day #1 and both were great.

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      1. re: harrison

        I always enjoyed a half sandwich & soup at the Carmine St. one. The soups are good and served piping hot,especially the chili. If it's as good as the original, they'll do just fine.

      2. I finally tried their cappuccino this morning with great anticipation, and it was awful! What made the experience worse was I waited in line for 1/2 hour (they have a weird system where people dining and taking out all order from the same counter), and, I had tried to stop by twice before but the first time they were still closed despite announcing in TONY that they were open, and the 2nd time I was turned away because they were not operating their normal business hours yet, even though they had already taken my order (they turned me away after I answered "no" when they asked me if I had ever been there before, wonder what "yes" would have gotten me).

        I've never been to the original location, but the coffee there must be completely different because of all the recognition that it has gotten. I would not recommend Grey Dog at University for their coffee, or their service. Don't know about the food, but if a cafe can't get the coffee right, I have no faith in anything else!! I may still try the Carmine location just because I'm always dying to find good cappuccino, but I'm done with the University location!!

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        1. re: iloveguacamole

          i actually really like the house coffee at grey dog, but i don't really drink espresso drinks so can't comment on that, but their house brew (hot or iced) is some of the best around, IMHO. their food, though, is pure mediocrity. i've always found it ironic that they're always so packed for brunch when their eggs, pancakes, and french toast are all rather horrible. still, i must admit, the vibe and the coffee keeps me comin back. i just don't eat there. i'm talking either location since the product is identical .