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Jul 22, 2007 06:55 PM

Donuts- Central Mass.

Need help for real doughnuts in the Worcester area.

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  1. No question.........Donut Cafe in Worcester. Two locations:

    399 Shrewsbury St, Worcester - (508) 798-9755

    Donut Cafe II
    414 Chandler St, Worcester - (508) 752-0653

    They are simply the best....the glazed (and coffee rolls) have a hint of nutmeg. The filled donuts are sliced in half and filled with amazing blueberry, apricot and other delicacies.


    1. Donut Star!
      While their raised donuts don't look great, their cake donuts are awesome. (personally, I'm not a big fan of raised doughnuts anyway).

      When I'm in the area in the morning, I try to stop by and get a chocolate covered cake donut and a coffee. yum!

      Donut Star is located just a bit across the border into North Grafton when coming from Worcester/Millbury MA on Rt 122.

      Donut Star
      204 Worcester St, North Grafton, MA 01536

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        Just another note about Donut Star -- they are the only place I know that opens at 3 AM -- yes, that is not a typo -- they open at 3 in the morning, I believe every day, so if you're driving home late late at night past 3am, you can get off mass pike at the Rt 122 exit (1 exit west of 495), head toward Grafton, and a minute later be at Donut Star, grabbing a cup of coffee and a donut.

        I'm not sure if they operate in reduced capacity at 3 (i.e. haven't made the donuts yet), as I haven't been there at that hour yet, but it sure is good to know that there's a place to grab coffee when on the way home at 3 in the morning.

        1. re: Keithel

          Checked them out today. I'm a raised fan, and they were good. Light and fluffy...not too greasy. I have to say that I still prefer Donut Cafe, though. Nice extras, like nutmeg in the dough for the glazed/coffee rolls, more interesting fillings. Still, Donut Star is DEFINITELY solid and will be on my list when I am on that side of town.


        2. Thank you so much. Will try and let you know what I think.

          1. Tried Donut Star- It was worth the trip from Auburn. Thank you.

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