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Jul 22, 2007 06:52 PM

Professional Knife Sharpener

Can anyone report a reputable place to have one's knives sharpened? I'm on the Upper West Side, but willing to travel anywhere in Manhattan.


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  1. strange you should ask, i just dropped two of my knives at Gracious Home-
    1992 Broadway at 68th- have not got them back so can't say what results are-
    they are usually pretty professional with the services they offer-

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    1. re: johncharles2020

      that's funny that you gave them to gracious home because when i called them i was told that only their east side location does knife sharpening. go figure.

      there's also samurai sharpening (margery) who sets up shop outside of bowery kitchen supplies in the chelsea market. but she is keeping fewer hours during the summer; so check with this number for the dates: 212-942-5228.

    2. the only truly reliable place to take your knives is Henry Westphal in the west 30s.

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      1. re: wryorwhite

        There was a thread about this a month or two ago - apparently it is closed. I posted on that thread and said that, while I did not know if it had closed, it would not surprise me as I took my knives there in February and was told to bring anything else I had in by May since they had lost their lease and were going out of business unless they found a new location (this was unplanned - another spot had just unexpectedly fallen through). So call before you go.

      2. If I happen to be home during the week, I sometimes see a green(?) truck and people come out of their building and get knives sharpened on the spot. Does anyone know about the schedule of that knife sharpening truck that I see on the UWS? I usually see it on Riverside or Westend. I haven't seen it lately though.

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        1. re: Ora

          There was a post about this a few months back. A couple of posters said never go to that truck (mike in the green truck, i think they called it) saying that he ruined their knives. I've never used him, so I can't say. But maybe a search for the knife sharpening thread for a little while ago would yield answers. And, no, I haven't seen that truck lately on the uws either.

          1. re: LNG212

            I posted about how the guys in the green truck ruined my knives. NEVER ever use them if you value your equipment. I mentioned that I had used them when I took the ICE knife skills class and the teacher concurred...they use a method that not only shears off far too much of the knife but they also bent the tip of one of mine. Nasty!

            1. re: erica

              What a shame, because the concept of the truck is such a great and potentially convenient idea. Oh well...

        2. I see a guy in Red Truck on 86 street usually on Sat. late am / early afternoon. Not sure if that is Mike. As far as sharpening, you can use a sharpening stone with excellent results. If your knife has a nick or chip, then they will have to grind first to achieve a smooth edge.