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whom has the best to offer?? I love this dish and have a hankering for a nice one..

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  1. Please do not rec La Paella on San Vicente.. Been there done that. Just looking for somthing more authentic. the rice should taste like seafood right??

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      How is La Paella? Never knew it existed until I drove past it a couple of days ago.

    2. You should give Cobras 'y Matadors on Hollywood or Beverly (http://www.yelp.com/biz/sd2v9zk2JKbdL...) a try, me and the lady friend ALWAYS get Paella there.

      1. Try giving La Espanola Meats in Harbor City a call...


        1. Just returned from the Boneyard Bistro, and Aaron Robins mentioned that he was going to have it available starting around next Wednesday or Thursday as he has a coupla catering gigs requesting it. If it is as good as the bbq prawn/bbq peach and crawfish corn succotash, etc. that I had tonight, it should be phenomenal.
          Took friend who ate Aaron's food for the first time, and was absolutely stunned at how similar it was to some of the food he used to eat in New Orleans and the south. Fully flavored, and Aaron's not embarrassed to use heat when required.

          1. I haven't had it yet, but Ciudad has "Paella on the Patio" every Tuesday night. Also, I've heard that Cha Cha Cha makes a good paella.


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              Thanks for the tip on Ciudad, I will check out happy hour then dine on some paella.. Whom would ever thought..

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                I hope Ciudad's paella is completely different from the one they had on their menu about five years ago. That one wasn't even close to authentic - it was more like a Spanish étouffée. Way too salty and saucey (?!), and no socarrat to speak of.

              2. In OC - Blacksheep Bistro.

                1. The ONLY good one I've had in LA was at Cuidad. I learned to make it myself, so frustrating was it to find good paella in LA.

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                    Adsvino, that is the way I feel. I have never attempted to make it my self.. Its a dish I prefer to have the experts make. Seems to me that you may be one of the only experts in this town. I am gonna check out Ciidad possible tomorrow and will let you other hounds know how it was. I am only 50/50 otherwise it will be next Tuesday.. Thanks for the tip, you are the second hund to say so, therefore I am feeling a bit more comfortable now. BTW I did have the La Esponola rendition years back. Served the purpose but I never went back..

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                      If you don't want to obsess over it like I have, find a Spaniard chef of come by my place. The reason I thought Cuidad's was superior (and I had it as a special, not from the new paella menu, if that matters) to others was the quality of the rice (and hence the stock that flavors the rice). The rice popped with flavor, it wasn't bad rice ville like at La Paella.

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                        Is that an Invite?? Thanks.. Lloyd

                  2. How about Spain on Glendale Bl.? Pretty damn
                    authentic without all the new world ruffles.

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                      dude where is that place and please articulate further!!

                        1. re: carter

                          I can't believe I didn't know about this place - thank you for the suggestion!

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                        second Spain (little tiny place in the unassuming strip mall in silverlake/echo park) half store, half restaurant, completely no frills, and SO good.

                        definitely sharing portions.

                      2. Spanish Kitchen on La Cienega has a good one.

                        1. Los Balcones del Peru has an interesting Andean take on paella.

                          1. UPDATE. I went last night to Ciudad for the Paella on the Patio. I met a friend of mine whom joined me for dinner. When I first arrived I noticed that the patio was all set up with a nice table with fresh ingredients and two large Paella pans working their magic. I had a few Happy Hour Sangria's at the bar until my friend arrived. We then dined on the patio, it was full with other diners and we ordered the Paella special. $29 it came with a starter plate of some incredible sauteed mushrooms in herbs served cold tapas style and a nice mixed green salad. The Paella offered was either Rabbit, or Eggplant Tomato (note: they always offer a veggy option ) We both ordered 1/2 and 1/2. Our First orders came out a bit cold and we asked for new ones which they offered up with a bit of hesitation. The smell was great on the patio, but something was missing. I am used to Valencia Style with Seafood and I guess that is what I was missing. These Paella were not bad but just not what I wanted to satisfy my hankering. As we were dining I told my friend about Chowhound and the recs received on this board. He then said: "Have you ever tried Spain?" I told him that someone on this Board had mentioned it and he personally thought that there rendition was mighty fine. I guess in a few months we will Try Spain on Glendale Blvd. He gave it high marks compared to Cidudad.. In the end not bad, not great. But it was better than La Esponiola and La Paella on San Vicente even thought those offer Valencia Style..

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                              thanks for the review. i've been meaning to try out the paella tuesdays at ciudad as well. but i am disappointed that your paella came out cold......that just doesn't seem right as the paella is made fresh at the paella "station". bummer.

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                                RABBIT???? UGH! I would have left and not chosen either of those types. Ewwww!
                                I want seafood, chorizo, perhaps chicken and that's all!

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                                  Paella in Catalonia usually contains just rabbit, vegetables and maybe some sausage (butifarra or other)... very rarely does it have seafood in it.

                                  I'll have to try Ciudad's rabbit paella... I miss it.

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                                    considering rabbit tastes and looks like chicken....


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                                      there are countless varities of paella, but rabbit is about as traditional as it gets. I've had quite a bit of paella in Valencia and thoughout Spain and rabbit is pretty common.

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                                        Actually rabbit sounds really good! I think I'll try that... Maybe I'll see you there Herr Ubergeek.

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                                      I think that it was plated, and took some time for the waiter to bring it to the table.. He said it was the sauce that they topped it with, i forgot to mention in the update that they served the paella with a creamy dressing topping, not my style pre se but it was okay. When I mentioned the delay to the server he had the paella lady plate new ones for us. i guess he knoew it was his error..

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                                      wow, I work right by Ciudad and thought about trying their paella...thanks for the update...no seafood paella? i'm out....

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                                        according to the ciudad website, they do serve seafood paella's (paella a la valenciana). but they rotate the paella's served in a given week from rabbit to seafood to to crab to chorizo.

                                        1. re: wilafur

                                          wilafur, what information do you have to make your claim? they do rotate but according to the paella chef she said to call on monday or day of to find out the offerings..

                                          1. re: Foodandwine

                                            their website states that the paella's are rotated on a weekly basis and the link to the menu lists the different paella's they offer.

                                            so kinda put 2 & 2 together.

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                                              apart from calling (which is a hassle), is there any way to find out when they'll be serving the seafood paella?

                                              1. re: chewingvampire

                                                unfortunately, you will need to call to check.

                                    4. This thread got me jonesing for paella, so when I saw it on the menu at Beechwood I had to get it. While I love Beechwood and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, I'd advise anyone to skip the paella. It contained lots of lovely fresh seafood but was made with basmati (long grain) rice in a watery broth. The broth had such a liberal amount of citrus that it completely overwhelmed any other flavors. I appreciate how they attempted to lighten the dish with the broth but the texture was completely off.