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Jul 22, 2007 05:39 PM

Strange ethnic food ideas for Orange County weekend lunch

A friend from out of town is visiting for lunch next weekend. I would like to take him to a good yet different ethnic restaurant. He is Japanese and I am Chinese, so suggestions for food from those two countries are not necessary.

The further off the beaten path the better!

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  1. El Pollo NorteƱo? Nothing fancy, but definitely Mexican atmosphere. Not really strange if you're from California, but we've taken people from Europe and it was pretty different for them.

    There are several locations - this is the one I've been to. Not expensive, either.

    El Pollo Norteno
    202 N Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92701

    1. Try what used to be Nancy Puebla in Santa Ana,now called Guerros,I believe.I think it may still be listed as Nancy Puebla.....great mole and authentic mexican...very authentic hole in the wall

      1. How about Salvadorean pupusas!?

        Here's a photo of my first one:

        1. There's a Chilean place on Chapman and West in Garden Grove... or German food at the Jagerhaus in Anaheim.

          1. I'd think with the largest Vietnamese community outside of Viet Nam, North OC for some great Vietnamese food would be a hit. The food is somewhat exotic to the Japanese sensibilities. I think your guest would find it very appealing.