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Chinatown Ice Cream- Taro, Red Bean, Lychee????

I have heard these are their special flavors. What exactly do eat taste like? I want to try the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and was considering some of these flavors for an authentic experience. These are not flavors you can get everywhere. I also saw cherry pistachio and almond cookie look good. But i really wanna know what those exotic flavors resemble. It says on their site taro is potato-like! How would potato ice cream taste? Not too good but I have heard so many people rave bout this flavor.

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  1. I haven't had their taro, but the red bean tastes mostly like vanilla and the lychee tastes like -- lychee (though a bit colder and more creamy). Of the three you're particularly curious about, the lychee is my favorite.

    Others worth trying: almond cookie, pumpkin pie, mango, cherry pistachio, coconut fudge.

    You don't really have to worry about getting hosed by a flavor that you won't like; they'll let you taste any of the ice creams before you commit.

    1. Their mango icecream has been my favorite for over 30 years. I'm not a big fan of the taro- but hey that's just one opinion.

      1. The black sesame is too sweet for me ... I like the pumpkin pie. : )

        Link: http://www.chinatownicecreamfactory.c...

        1. as big o mentioned, the servers are happy to let you taste. i agree about the excellent mango but prefer the ginger which is very subtle but good.

          1. I love the ginger ice cream. Sweet and spicy at the same time.

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              The ginger is my favorite too! They always run out of it. Red bean curd is good. I do not care for the green tea (doesn't compare to what I had in Japan). Steakrules85 suggest you ask for a taste of whatever appeals to you. They are pretty accomodating in that regard.

            2. If you ask them for sample tastes, they will be happy to give it to you. My favorites are almond cookie, and coconut.

              1. I vote for the almond cookie--it's really good. I don't consider taro particularly exotic, most likely since taro flavored smoothies and slushes are a staple at many boba parlors. Kind of hard to explain the taste of taro except to say that the taste is a little richer than fruit flavors. If you tried it you'd probably like it.

                1. Love the lychee, coconut, and mango

                  1. Red Bean is one of my favorite flavors in the world. It's sort of just sweet and creamy, not unlike vanilla, but without the, uh, vanilla. The beans are a nice textural feature as well, although they've been known to gross out passer-bys. It's a good way to keep your girlfriend for eating it all, though.

                    1. I adore red bean ice cream.. It's sweet and creamy - red bean is a common pastry filling you find in the bakeries in the area - delicious.

                      1. My fave is Ginger flavor, it tastes just like ginger except for the spicy part.

                        1. Black sesame, green tea, coconut, and banana are my favorites. There's no have to have flavor, just whatever sounds good to you. I'm surprised the other poster finds the black sesame too sweet, I find it to be subtle. The banana has amazing texture. I'm craving the coconut and green tea right now.

                          1. i like red bean, black sesame, and green tea. most japanese restaurants do offer red bean ice cream on their menu althought it's not as good as chinatown's ice cream factory.

                            1. Zen Butter! (peanut butter and sesame?)

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                                wow i didn' t know they had that! i would have to try it out next time!

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                                  Stopped in and got the Zen Butter today. Delicious! The PB flavor was subtle, but present. The sesame seeds were a nice textural element and the ice cream itself was sweet and creamy. An awesome addition to an already rockin' line up.

                                  The Sesame does come across a bit sweet for my taste. It's maybe not sugar sweet, but the sesame taste is mild enough that the sugar obscures the flavor and just makes it "sweet" instead of "Sesame".

                                2. black sesame is yummy, as is zen butter. if you like fruity, the lychee would be a great choice. taro might suprise you, red bean is pretty common so I feel like you could try that elsewhere (although delicious here). but you could always be like me, and ask to sample anything

                                  1. Almond Cookie and Black Sesame are both good. Taro is a root vegetable that is starchy like potatoes but it probably tastes a little more like yam/sweet potato than potatoes in a potato salad or mashed potatoes. Its color is greyish/light purple. I guess like the other guys said, you can have a taste then decide if you like it.

                                    1. I love the Taro ice cream at chinatown ice cream factory, it's a bit chunky. At wd-50 there's a taro ice cream on the menu served with the butterscotch dessert, it's very smooth and slightly savory.