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Jul 22, 2007 05:30 PM

Chinatown Ice Cream- Taro, Red Bean, Lychee????

I have heard these are their special flavors. What exactly do eat taste like? I want to try the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and was considering some of these flavors for an authentic experience. These are not flavors you can get everywhere. I also saw cherry pistachio and almond cookie look good. But i really wanna know what those exotic flavors resemble. It says on their site taro is potato-like! How would potato ice cream taste? Not too good but I have heard so many people rave bout this flavor.

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  1. I haven't had their taro, but the red bean tastes mostly like vanilla and the lychee tastes like -- lychee (though a bit colder and more creamy). Of the three you're particularly curious about, the lychee is my favorite.

    Others worth trying: almond cookie, pumpkin pie, mango, cherry pistachio, coconut fudge.

    You don't really have to worry about getting hosed by a flavor that you won't like; they'll let you taste any of the ice creams before you commit.

    1. Their mango icecream has been my favorite for over 30 years. I'm not a big fan of the taro- but hey that's just one opinion.

      1. The black sesame is too sweet for me ... I like the pumpkin pie. : )

        Link: http://www.chinatownicecreamfactory.c...

        1. as big o mentioned, the servers are happy to let you taste. i agree about the excellent mango but prefer the ginger which is very subtle but good.

          1. I love the ginger ice cream. Sweet and spicy at the same time.

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              The ginger is my favorite too! They always run out of it. Red bean curd is good. I do not care for the green tea (doesn't compare to what I had in Japan). Steakrules85 suggest you ask for a taste of whatever appeals to you. They are pretty accomodating in that regard.