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Jul 22, 2007 04:42 PM

Fugazi Pizza - Santa Clarita (review)

Stopped in for lunch today at this new pizza place. its in the plaza next to Trader Joe's where Karma Indian restaurant is. 23460 Cinema Drive, Valencia.

The place was empty, but we went at an off time. The decor is an eclectic mix of red paint and different textured metal surfaces - kinda reminded me of a biker pizza joint. The only seating are at a counter on bar stools, or at small, round, tall tables with tall bar stools, no regular tables.

They bill themselves as being Fugazi Woodfire pizza, Brick Oven Kitchen. The oven, has no wood, the label on the front said "Wood Stone"

It took a few minutes for someone to say hi to us when we walked in, even though the place was empty which was a little off putting, but I let it go because the place was new. We orderd a Medium Cheese, Cheese. pizza is always our test pizza at new places.

While we were waiting for it to be cooked, one of the owners came over and we started chatting, turned out she's originally from Massachusetts (thats where I'm from) and her and her husband started the place because they were tired of pizza in this area and having to drive to D'amores for pizza. They had some water from Mass shipped in while they were perfecting the dough recipe, and now they use water that is almost identical chemically. Her hardwork paid off. The dough is crunchy, chewy and thin, with just a little cornmeal on the bottom. The sauce has alot of spices in it including oregano which gives it a good flavor.

We managed to finish off the entire pizza which is always a good sign. I'll definitely be back. My only criticism would be that they need to sweep out the bottom of the oven, because some leftover burnt cornmeal was stuck on my first piece, which gave my first slice an overpowering burnt taste, the rest of the slices were fine.

While we were eating I saw some subs being made and going into the oven - (woohoo! Toasted subs! and not from Quiznos!) I asked if they made their own meatballs, and the woman behind the counter said no - but just about everything else is.

The owner is originally from Fall River and wants to start shipping in Chorizo to put on the pizzas.

Finally a tasty thin crust pizza option in this area! They also deliver.

Fugazi Woodire Pizza
23460 Cinema Drive

They list a website on the menu, but it isn't working yet

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  1. Never had a decent slice or whole pizza in Santa Clarita. Have to take the ChowLads to check it out soon!

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      have you tried Guidos in Saugus? the managers special (lg pizza w/wings and salad) are a great bite

    2. Bah - boring. I've eaten here twice and both times have been a mediocore experience. The sauce is bland and the crust was a bit dry and lifeless. I might lose foodie points for this but the only pizza I've found to be good in Valencia is at BJ's brewhouse. They make a chicago deep dish that is prety decent. Yeah it's a chain but EVERYTHING in Valencia is anyways. Still haven't found a good thin crust NY style pizza in the SC Valley that holds up.

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        I finally went last Friday with one of my ChowLads for an after school snack. I really wanted to like Fugazi 'Woodfired' Pizza. The place looks nice as does their WoodStone Pizza Oven. It is a wood/or gas oven but the owner stated that it is too hard to get consistent results with wood so they use gas. She should chat with Chris Bianco or Nancy Silverton and sample their pizzas! We both agree on the pizza. We shared a medium cheese and were both dissapointed. Crust and sauce were bland and the crust was flabby even though I ordered the pizza to be well done. And the scorched cornmeal from previous pizzas was stuck to the bottom. We did not finish the pizza and left.

        The sandwich menu looked interesting. They list a Muffalletta (sp?) but they do not have the round seeded Italian rolls that are characteristic of this sandwich. It might still taste good? Maybe?

        1. re: sel

          Wow. Maybe they changed sauce, because when I went the sauce was not bland. Thats too bad to hear.

        2. re: missmodular818

          have you tried Pizza Factory in Valencia, they make good thin crust pizza, it is hand tossed pizza, I tried it and it is a perfect thin crust.

          1. re: dionna

            I walked in and walked out. The pizzas aren't cooked in an oven, but on one of those conveyer belt machines.

        3. Fugazi Pizza~
          This pizza place is now CLOSED! I am not surprised that didn't last, I went once, maybe a couple of weeks after they were open, and that was enough, it was almost empty, bunch of kids trying to prepare the pizza, owners walking around and tending to friends outside while ignoring their customers, NOT a good start. My pizza was given to another customer, I received his, they were trying to figure out how to fix their mistake, while I was waiting and waiting. When I finally was given my pizza, it wasn't good.